BHS Bridesmaid Dresses & Bridal Shoes – Upto 70% off Selected Styles


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Folks, a couple of weeks back I shared my excitement on BHS Wedding Shoes. Not only do they have a fantastic range and reasonable prices, but they are now offering upto 30% off selected bridal shoes.

The wedding sale has been extended and now a large selection of their online Wedding range has upto 30% off. Well worth a look if you are looking for a cheap bridesmaid dress (for those who have several bridesmaids, BHS could be the place to make a massive budget saving!)

BHS have loads of colours, styles and fabrics on offer. Below are a few of my favourites – both are around £70 each and come with matching bridesmaid shoes and accessories!

bhs bridesmaid dress redbhs bridesmaid pinkbhs bridesmaid pink

I actually have another wedding reception in a few weeks time, think any of these are suitable for a wedding guest too?

And tonight, for your entertainment

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The first dance will be… Any ideas?

I hold my hands up. I have judged so many couples doing their first dance, and even watched a fair few You Tube videos. Some mighty crinegworthy moments, some utterly hilarious and others not even worthy of mention.

Today, I stumbled on this list of Top Wedding Dances .  A good selection of songs, it brought up the question between me and my car sharing buddy (a bloke, in his mid-30s, getting married at roughly the same time as myself and really only interested in one thing – how much the wedding budget will eat into the savings he has set aside for a home entertainment system!). What will our first dances be? And how do you decide?

Based on our conversation, it turns out, this first dance malarky is pretty important to both the bride and groom. Below are some points on what the song should/shouldn’t be;

  • Shouldn’t be too cheesy,
  • ideally have some kind of meaning
  • hopefully a good tune so that you aren’t left standing in the middle of a large room with 100 guests watching you shuffle from side to side (perhaps some dance lessons will be in order)
  • should never ever be itsy bitsy teeny weeny by tim mallet

timmy mallett

Can’t be that difficult to pick one song? Well maybe.

Wedding Bouquet – Real, Artificial or No Flowers at all?


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When it comes to flowers, I’m neither here nor there.

Ofcourse I appreciate their beauty and the work that goes into making a well arranged bouquet or flower display, but given the hefty price tag associated with wedding flowers and decorating our venue I’d like to get excited about what I will be holding or what the guests will be looking at whilst sitting down to their dinner.

The first problem comes from not really knowing what I want. Having gone to see a lovely florist near my home, I was asked a series of questions;

  • What style of bouquet would you like?
  • favourite flowers?
  • Foliage?
  • Tall or short vases, square or round?
  • Throwing bouquet or are you throwing your own?
  • Colour scheme?
  • Water, gel, coloured liquid or lights in the vases
  • Real or artificial flowers for everything

Now, I must admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for these types of questions. To be honest, I thought a bouquet was a bouquet. I wasn’t aware that there were several types – cascade, hand-tied, over-arm-posy (I did my research afterwards!). Nor was I aware that having artificial flowers was even an option (which, in my mothers eyes, it is not).

So, that got me to thinking. If artificial flowers were widely used, then there surely has to be other options out there too?! And ladies and gents – there is. May I present you with these;

button wedding bouquetwedding button bouquet

A button bouquet.

Impressive aren’t they? Would you use something other than flowers for your bouquet ot even table decorations?

Choose your Wedding Photographer wisely

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For me, the photographs of our special day are extremely important.

Memories will fade as the years roll on, but the photos will live on to ensure that all those amazing moments you shared with family and friends (and ofcourse your husband!) never do.

So how do you chose a wedding photographer?

Well, here is how I did it.

  • Firstly, have a look through numerous photographers sites and get an idea of the style of photography you like. (who knew it was not just a case of point and shoot!)
  • Ask around to see if anyone you know has used them. A picture may say a thousand words, a recommendation from someone you know may only say a few – but those few can make or break your decision!
  • Once you know which photographers are experienced in the style you like, and you haven’t heard any horror stories, then contact a few to get an idea of price, packages, availability etc.
  • When you know who is available and within your budget (although even those outwith your price range could always offer a discount – don’t be scared to ask!), arrange some meetings. For me, this was the easiest way to whittle down the main contenders;
  1. first impressions. do you get on?
  2. are they interested in capturing your wedding or ensuring you are aware of their pricing structure?
  3. how do you feel around them (awkward is never a good sign, imagine how stressed you will be on the morning of the wedding)?
  4. do they get you expcited about your photographs? is it just a day job or are they truly passionate about getting that special photo that you will cherish forever.

After the intial meeting – you will know whether or not you want to bombard them with your long list of important questions. If you don’t get along or aren’t convinced by this stage, I would move on.

Just like your husband to be, there will be plenty more fish (or in this case photographers) in the sea – keep looking until you find exactly who and what you want!


Sign of the Times

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With a little tweet here and a little tweet there, one tweet, in particular, caught my eye today.

NDK photography have announced that they will now offer low resolution copies of your selected wedding photos, ideal for social networking sites such as facebook and the best bit – all for no extra cost!

It’s always great to be able to share photos with friends and family the whole world over. With this new added option, there will be no need to resize and rotate, rotate, rotate (just me that always goes the wrong way first and then doubles back?).

Fantastic idea indeed! Well done NDK Photography!

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