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It amazes me the questions people ask when you book that big day. I mean, you book the venue, it’s a massive decision, but you make it. And then, well then comes the barrage of questions surrounding tiny (or maybe not so tiny) details.

Have you got a dress? Erm, no we just booked the venue.
Will Chris wear a kilt? Erm, probably, but we only just booked the venue.
Are you going to invite great aunt suzie from Canada? Erm, yeah sure.
What colour scheme are you going for? A colour. Check.

And so, the list goes on. Different strokes for different folks, but apparently I should know the answers to all!

Luckily enough – I know the answer to the wedding cake. Cupcakes by the Scrumptious Baker. Done. Perfect (hopefully!). I knew that one straight away, after we tasted some of Emma’s cupcakes the decision was made. Easy!

But did you know – there is a MASSIVE choice when it comes to wedding cakes. I didnt. I thought it was fruit or sponge. White icing. Flowers or ribbon.

Nowadays in this crazy old world of personalisation – you can have what you want. It may not be traditional, but it can certainly be you!

Here are a few of my favourite options;

  • A cheese wedding cake. Some lovely cheese and crackers with a nice glass of wine, delightful!
  • cheese wedding cake

  • Indulge in yourself with a lifesize wedding cake. It’s like looking in the mirror;
  • lifesize wedding cake

  • A fun novelty cake;
  • Liquoise All Sorts

  • Macaroons anyone?
  • macaroon wedding cake

  • The aforementioned, Cupcake tower;
  • wedding cupcake tower

    They all look yummy! Which one will you chose?

    As always, if there are any I have missed, then please let me know and I will add them to my list.

    And so, it’s time to get ready and go for some cake, I mean lunch.

Mr and Mrs Billy Gaffney, Lake Garda Wedding

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I’ve held back on posting Carolyn and Billy’s big day in Italy, mostly because I didn’t want to give away what Carolyn’s dress looked like before the wedding reception – but now that that has been and gone, I have been granted permission.

Many years back, Billy and I worked together. More often than not on a Friday night after work, Carolyn and I would meet in town and go for some light refreshments. On one of these said Fridays, Billy tagged along, and from then on in the pair were inseperable!

Here is what the couple have said about their wedding day;

“We chose Italy purely because we wanted to go abroad, we wanted our day to have something of a relaxed atmosphere,  be intimate and with a nice sunny setting. We knew someone who had been married in Malcesine before, and having seen their wedding video – we knew it was what we wanted from our day. Lake Garda Weddings made it really easy too – from the initial planning stages to the final finer details – nothing was too much trouble for them and they always got back to us straight away when we emailed them any questions. Having a wedding planner in Italy made life so much easier. ”

carolyn and billy gaffney

And the best memory from the day?

“That’s a hard one, the whole day was absolutely fantastic and there is nothing we would change. I don’t think I can really pick out one part of the day as being better than the rest,  although the boat trip on the lake seems to stand out in my head. The boat trip took place after the wedding ceremony and photos and I think everyone seemed to relax and enjoy themselves at that point (perhaps something to do with the cool sea air as it was a rather hot day!). ”

carolyn and billy gaffneycarolyn and billy gaffney

And the best present the couple recieved?

“We really didn’t expect much, we threw a massive party when we got back to Scotland to celebrate our marriage with friends and family, and were gobsmacked by their generosity, which consisted mostly of money and gift cards. The best man (Billy’s older brother) got us a Thai cooking class day – which will get us in the mood for our honeymoon in December.”

carolyn and billy gaffney

The best part about being married?

“Knowing that you have made the commitment to spend the rest of your life with the person you love – life couldn’t get any better.” (This was from the groom himself – how sweet!)

carolyn and billy gaffney

Carolyn and Billys wedding was planned and all photographs supplied through Lake Garda Weddings.

Cash is king as a wedding gift

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After my recent post on Wedding Gift lists, the lovely Gillian over at Starweds was keen to share what prompted her to start up her business, a website that provides couples with a sophisticated way to ask for money as wedding gift!

And so, it’s over to you Gillian.

In the 1980’s it was almost unheard of to ask for money as wedding gift but by the 90′s people were starting to come round to the idea and cash became the second most sought after wedding gift, with kitchen and home-wares taking the number one spot.


However, it seems that the days of receiving gravy boats, sugar bowls and milk jugs as wedding gifts are now well and truly numbered.  Wedding Magazine recently reported that 45% of couples are now asking for money as a wedding gift.

Currently in the United Kingdom, more than three quarters of couples live together before marriage.  In addition, the average age of those buying their first home is 28.

If we look at these figures against the average age of couples preparing for marriage which is 29.6 years (30.7 for men and 28.5 for women), it becomes understandable why most newlyweds will no longer have the need for toasters, bed linen and vacuum cleaners.

This is exacerbated by the fact that many couples will have had their own houses before moving in together and will end up with two sets of everything.

Historically in Britain, men and women would not live together until after they were married, so it made good sense to buy them home-ware goods.
pots and pans
As we have seen, times have changed and it is unlikely that newlyweds in modern day Britain will be able to muster the same enthusiasm for a set of pots and pans or a 12-piece dinner set than a newly married couple back in the 80′s.

In this day and age, it is easy to see why money has overtaken old favourites such as kitchen equipment and towel bales as the most favourable wedding gift.  It is important to note, though, that this isn’t by any means a new phenomenon.  In fact, only 20 years ago, we were starting to see that money was creeping to the top of the wedding gift list.

Cash is most certainly king for wedding gifts nowadays and this trend definitely looks set to continue.

  • Article contributed by Gillian Bell, Director of StarWeds Ltd.
  • We provide;
    A personalised wedding website where your guests can contribute money: Choice of themes, Personalised web address, Online guest book, Your own blog, Directions to your venue and much more
  • Beautiful customised invitation inserts to tell your guests about your site.
  • Your guests can contribute via quick, easy and secure payment methods on your wedding website.

Introducing – Gary Bonar Photography


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I often read brides to be comparing notes on their photographer’s packages, and wondering why it costs what it does for a wedding photographer. As a result, I thought it would be good to hear exactly what is involved.

And so, the talented Gary Bonar has written a post about what is typically involved in a normal working day;

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

“My day generally starts the night before, by making sure all my equipment is good to go.  When I first started shooting digital I often made little time consuming mistakes like not wiping memory cards meaning that when I did need to change a card the last wedding that I shot would still be on there and I would have to wait until the camera done the formatting resulting in maybe missing one of the best images of the day.

Things have come a long way since those days and I’m far more fine tuned of late.

Gary Bonar Photography

I always dress smartly for photographing weddings.  I feel that if I dress like a guest then I can get those unobtrusive shots that loads of my clients are asking for these days.  A comment I hear often is “I can’t remember that photo being taken” and “ how did you manage to get that photo”.

My passion is documentary photography though there are parts of the wedding day that have to be staged to a certain extent.

Gary Bonar Photography

When I arrive at the location of where the bride will be getting ready in the morning the mood is always a little on edge and one thing people don’t want is to have their photos taken when they feel this way.  I always try and lighten the mood whilst capturing the special moments like Dad seeing his daughter for the first time in her beautiful dress or mum wiping a tear away when she sees her daughter wait for the wedding car to arrive.

I like to get to the venue at least half an hour before the bride arrives. This gives me time to get some images of the groom and best man.  This is usually when I’m really put to the test as the nerves can sometimes get to the boys and guys at the best of times aren’t fond of having their photos taken.  This is another great time for me to capture some candid portraits of the guests arriving, usually I have a longer lens at this point so that guest won’t know that they are being photographed resulting in more genuine smiles.

As the bride arrives I get some photos of her in the car with her father and entering the venue.  One of my favourite shots of a wedding day is the image of Dad giving his daughter a little kiss on the cheek just before they head on into the venue, there is a real moment here between the bride and her father and one that is close to me as I have a little 4 month old daughter whom one day I will hopefully share this experience with.

Gary Bonar Photography

Whilst the bride walks down the aisle I’m at the front taking photos of her walking towards me, at the same time capturing both expressions of the bride and groom to be – which by the way are usually just brilliant!

Gary Bonar Photography

Most ceremony’s take no longer than 45 minutes at best so in this space of time and with the proper permission I will float all around the venue capturing as many photos from as many different angles as I can.  There are some fantastic venues in and around Glasgow, we are very blessed with some of the old buildings that we have here in Scotland so I feel it’s my duty to utilise these places.

After the ceremony is finished the bride and groom usually head out to the front of the venue where they are met and congratulated by all the guests, this is another great moment for me as I love capturing sincere hugs, the expression on a face whilst congratulating newly weds is really amazing.  I usually wait for about 15 minutes whilst the bride and groom have a little glass of champagne and talk to their guests before I start photographing the group photos.  I normally ask for the group photos  to be kept down to about a dozen or so, this gives me more time with the bride and groom and to utilise the venue and the surrounding area.  If I have enough time with the Bride and Groom then I usually love getting photos that are just that wee bit different, this is where I get creative.  Sometimes I get really lucky depending on the venue and of course the couple themselves.  Its all well and good having the creative ideas and the perfect venue but sometimes (usually the Groom) might take a bit of persuading so this is where the meetings with my couples before their wedding comes into place.  Continue Reading

New Sponsor – Cards by Sophie

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I’m very excited to introduce our new sponsor today (drum roll inserted here!)  – Cards by Sophie. I met Sophie through the wonderful world of twitter and having looked through her website, fell in love with her stationery.

Sophie’s style is very chic – all her wedding stationery is handmade and her designs can be customised to match in with your own wedding colours.

Stylish and modern, Sophie has 14 (yep 14!) different designs in her collection. And best of all, if you see one you really like, Sophie will send you a free sample or for a small fee will customise one in your chosen colours so you can see exactly what it looks and feels like.

Below are a few of my favourite designs;

cards by sophie allurecards by sophie daisycards by sophie heartcards by sophie twinkle

The business was started after planning her own wedding and struggling to find modern wedding stationery at a reasonable price. “When I was choosing my wedding stationery, I found it so difficult to find something that was just as I wanted. I wanted to be able to personalise it, change the colours and get the design just right for me. So I decided to create a collection that is simple, stylish, contemporary and affordable… just what you’re looking for.”

Offering her stationery in a range of prices and sizes, Sophie has something on offer for every style and budget. Stationery available includes Save the Date cards, Invitations, Menus, Order of Service, Place Cards, Table Plans, Favour boxes and much more.

Cards by Sophie offers a nationwide service, one sample free of charge, no minimum order and not forgetting a fantastic 10% discount on orders over £250!

For more information, to view the complete range, or get in touch with Sophie, please visit her website :

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