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The past week has went by in a blur. We spent 4 days at the Centerparcs in Whinfell Forrest and then I had a hen day (and night, and subsequent day feeling ill and sorry for myself),

Although I had heard great things about the place (Centerparcs), when we first arrived and the rain was pouring and the car park was busy and we had hours to walk around in the rain before seeing our lodge – I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive. But, after a lovely pizza at Bella Italia and a wander around the place, it is easy to see why people go back year after year. Our little one is only 2, and after last year where he was confined to the buggy for a lot of our holiday (in Tenerife), it was great to be able to let him “off the leash”.

There is so much for kids of all ages, and even though the place isn’t that big, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Right, sales rep chat over.

So, the hen day. Wow – Alisons bridesmaids did her proud.

First we went to a terrific ceramic painting shop in Kirkintilloch. Where, after much debate over whether I should paint a cup, or a bowl, or a christmas decoration or, well let’s just say the list goes on. In the end – I opted for a teapot. Yup, no more tinkers tea in this household! I think I have a natural talent – wouldn’t you agree?


And then we sailed down the canal in a lovely barge fit for, well for a group of girls looking to sing and dance and be merry! The wine was flowing, we played Mr&Mrs quiz, we sang along to dirty dancing and take that and waved to all the passers by (some of whom made rude gestures, but hey ho, that’s Glasgow for you!)

bargethe henthe hen party

All in all, a great day out – lot’s of friendly faces, lot’s of happy memories and lot’s of sore heads the following day!

Lochside House – Mr and Mrs Brown

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Another stunning bride, Jen and her groom, Craig share some of their wedding photos and highlights from their special day at Lochside House this year.

Over to Jen and Craig – Enjoy!

Why your chosen venue
We first got engaged at Christmas 2005 and spent some time just going around different venues to get an idea of what we were looking for. We visited a place every couple of months and after a year we had maybe visited about 10 venues, none of them ‘did it’ for us. They were either too expensive, or needed upgrading or we didn’t warm to the staff. Then a work mate recommended Lochside House to us; it was over an hour away from our home but we thought we would check it out and immediately fell in love. It just had everything, the right price, the exclusivity, amazing food and the staff – the staff were really what sold it to us as everyone, from the owner down to the reception staff, give outstanding service. The other thing we fell in love with was the ceremony room – with its panoramic views over Loch of the Lowes.

Jen + Craig

Best memory from your day
This had to be standing across from Craig during the ceremony and looking at his face when he said his vows. We had a humanist ceremony and we both had to email our celebrant a little piece about what we meant to one another, however we weren’t allowed to read each others until we heard it on the day. Hearing the lovely things he said about me was so special and I am so glad we captured it on dvd.

Jen + Craig

Where you got your dress from, any memories from dress shopping?
I have a bit of a funny story about my dress. My mum and I went to a wedding show at Lodge on the Loch at Loch Lomond not long after I got engaged. We hadn’t even set a date yet but we were considering LOTL as a potential venue. I spotted this lovely dress at one of the stalls and pointed it out to my mum as a potential style and colour for the future. The girl asked if I wanted to try it on, and I said no, but my mum cajoled me into it and I fell in love. The girl said she might be able to do me a deal as it was sale stock, so she came back and offered me my dress, plus veil, shoes and tiara of my choice for £200!!! I snapped it up, thinking I could sell it on ebay if I changed my mind. Four years later, I still love it and am so glad I bought it.

Jen + Craig

Worst bit about planning
The worst bit about planning was definately trying to please everyone else. Everyone will have their own ideas about what you should and should not do/have/buy/serve etc and the biggest lesson I learned was to just make sure we had what we wanted as you can never please everyone.

Best bit about being married
The best bit about being married is just being married I guess. It’s amazing to wake up in the morning and know I am his wife, after waiting nearly five years to make that come true. It is also so nice not to have to plan a wedding now, and to have the time to spend with my lovely husband.

Jen + Craig

Any fabulous worthy of note pressies, or gift list recommendations?
We were just so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and kindness. We have been able to do so much to our house to really make it feel like a home, things we would never have been able to do, and we are so grateful to our friends and family.

Jen + Craig

Some wonderful photos, and what a fab dress – a true bargain indeed!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Brown, thanks for sharing your special day with us and all the best for the future.

All photos were taken by Loudoun Media.

Bridesmaid Dresses on the High Street

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There are some truly wonderful (and fashionable!) dresses on the high street at the moment – and I think that some of them could easily be used as a bridesmaid dress.

For me, I’m not too fussed what style my bridesmaid wears – as long as it is in the correct colour scheme I have in mind – which to be honest changes weekly!

Here are a few of my favourites that we have come across;

coast symphony maxi dresscoast fantasia duchess satin dressblue one shoulder dress

warehouse pink one shoulder dress

oasis long blue maxi

Lots of stunning dress, lots of lovely colours! How on earth is a girl supposed to chose.

Which would be your favourite?

Children at Weddings – The Good, the bad & the extremely bored


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Children will most definately play a part in our wedding day.

Our son will be 3 by then. Already an infectious personality, I imagine he will look extremely cute in his kilt, have fun being the centre of attention (I’m willing to share!), and no doubt provide some comedy moments for our guests.

Not wanting him to be without kiddie company for the entire day, I do plan on inviting a few other kids (7 to be precise), of various ages ranging from 1-8. Yes, there may be some distruption at certain points- but I think that with some well thought out distactractions (I mean entertainment!), the key moments of our day needn’t be filled with awkward screeching or crying.

So far, here is what I have planned for keeping children entertained at our wedding;

  • Just before the ceremony begins, get one of the ushers to hand out some grapes and a carton of juice to the kids (we are putting on a show you know!)
  • Activity packs. Yellow Moon have some terrific and cheap craft sets, so I plan on having a craft corner during the drinks reception. Kids can paint their own piggy bank, make a mask, or even decorate their activity bag. Perhaps to make it slightly more interesting, we could even hand out small gifts (in the shape of their next distraction) at the speeches.
  • A kiddie corner. Our venue is pretty huge, and since both our wedding reception and meal will be in the one venue  I plan on having a little area cordoned off where the kids can lay down with some pillows and their blankets (just like nursery, except without the whale sounds). The parents will be able to see their kids and vice versa.
  • Childminder. Ideally, I’d like a couple of the girls from our son’s nursery to fill this roll (girls if you are reading this – bribes will commence nearer the date!)
  • Sweeties. We have the grown up buffet covered, but the rising popularity of candy buffets is perfect for the kids (and pretty yummy for us adults too)- a little sugary high to keep them from getting tired and cranky! have a great selection of goodies if you want to make your own.

Have I missed out anything important? Let me know if you have any other ideas, I’m sure this list will get a  lot longer over the coming year!

Stumble on Sunday before my holiday tomorrow!

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Before I jet (well drive!) off on my long awaited holiday tomorrow, I thought it best to share with you some more fabulous stumbles this week. Was stuck in a boardroom for training for the majority of this week, so Etsy became my savior (think I may have mentioned once or twice my love for Etsy!). Here they are – enjoy;

  • Going down the gift route – are you stuck for ideas for the groom? These cant go wrong!
  • wedding cufflinks

  • Decorations a plenty this week (did you see my vinatge post?) – bunting is everywhere at the moment, but for something a bit different, how about these fun felt garlands;
  • felt garland

  • Wooden letters seem to be cropping up on many a top table, these ones could be created in line with your wedding colours or themes
  • wooden love letters
    wooden heart boxes

  • Not entirely wedding related, but chalkboards are a fun prop – and this one double up as a magnetic board too. Yay for ShabbyVintageMom and her upcycled items!
  • vintage chalk board

Hope you find some inspirational ideas for your wedding!

Enjoy what is left of your weekend – speak to you all next week when I return (well, if I can keep away from Twitter that is!)

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