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When it comes to organising a wedding most bride and grooms will have a list of important things to think about. The venue, cake, the dress, cars – the list is endless!

What about the bit where you say your vows? It’s not often you come across a blog about wedding ceremonies themselves – surely that”s because you don’t have much choice?


The wedding ceremony is the main focus of your day, the reason everyone is there in the first place. Nowadays it’s not simply a choice between a church or a registrar – there are lots of opportunities to do things your way!

Gary Bonar Photography

With internet a major player in daily lives, more and more brides are turning to wedding blogs to see who’s doing what for their big day. The only part of the wedding industry falling behind is the ceremony itself, yet couples are desperate to make their day stand out. One way to do this is to make the ceremony really unique and personal.

    So how can you make your wedding ceremony personal?

  • For a church ceremony the script is pretty much set in stone but you could include a reading or song you like;
  • By choosing a civil wedding performed by a registrar you may be allowed to personalise your vows (see below) and perhaps include some non-religious readings as well.

Luckily if you want to take it a step further and personalise the whole ceremony there are some excellent companies who provide just the thing!

One such company is One Life Ceremonies. Taking their time to find out what you want in your ceremony, One Life Ceremonies can help guide you through the various possibilities. This means that instead of fitting you into a standard script, they can help you write your own!

Below are some tips to help you piece together your ceremony.

  • Writing your own vows;

Write from the heart, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhythm or sound as poetic as you’d hoped for- the best vows are the ones that mean something to you as a couple! Have a look on the internet to get some ideas! Try answering questions such as;

What does marriage mean to you? What made you fall in love with your wife or hubby to be? What do you want to promise and commit to them?

  • Choosing Readings;

Choose any reading you like. from a traditional wedding poem to a modern rhyme or the words of a song you both love! If you don’t have a particular favourite, there are hundreds of poetry sites on the internet to help you find something ‘just right’.

If you would like someone in particular to do a reading such as your bridesmaid or best man it’s worthwhile asking them to choose something, this gives them the opportunity to say the words that they want and will be done with much more sincerity if they have chosen them themselves.

If you are lucky enough to have someone with a way with words you could ask them to prepare something – this is a really wonderful way to make your wedding really personal.

For more help on holding a personal wedding ceremony, contact

Written by Laurra Nalty

Why have an Engagement Shoot?


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I love looks at other peoples photos. It doesn’t matter how many they have, I just love looking at them. Dabbling in photography myself, I once shot a couples wedding – and I totally underestimated just how difficult it was. I didnt know the couple particularly well and found it really hard to encourage and co-ordinate them all. Back then though, engagment shoots were unheard of (at least in my amateur state!).

Wills from William Wilson photography helps explain what is involved in an engagement shoot, and perhaps helps us understand why they are so important. Over to you Wills;

Everyone who has been engaged will know how much the first photograph of you as a couple means. At the time it was probably just a quick snap taken by a friend but that memory has been immortalized and usually ends up in your family album. Having photographs of you both alone together becomes a rarity, unless of course you are a dab hand with a self timer or have really long arms to snap you both together!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a collection of fphotographs, just of you, looking at your time as a newly engaged couple, a time when new memories are made, the time before your family lives fully evolve and that first stage of your life together drifts into fond memories.

The days of the standard couple together photograph is long gone. Photo shoots are a time to have fun and get some photographs that show you having fun. We have been doing fun engagement photo shoots for a while but very few people understood the concept. With that in mind, this year we ran a competition to let people see how much fun an engagement photo session can be – and here are some of the results;

William Wilson Photography

This selection of photographs of Kimberly and Steven were taken at the height of the Edinburgh Festival, jam packed with people and a tremendous buzz all around them – the results are fantastic!

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Normally people feel shy in front of the camera, that’s where my approach is to roll with the flow, bring the couple out of their comfort zone by placing them wthin a crowd. Soon it becomes easier, and the photographs and the poses more natural,  the kisses become real (I make sure they practice a lot). The photographs aren’t real – who stands on the road letting buses whizz past, climbs onto a container or jumps for joy in front of the Balmoral?! Truth be told, no-one, but there you have it Kim and Steven never thought they would either – and look at the results.

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Being romantic is a trait borrowed from our continental friends, pinching a flower from the park is the closest we get to being almost naughty (well it kind of is naughty and shouldn’t be encouraged, so guy’s buy a nice rose and save me from my brushes with the parky!).

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Engagement shoots are an ideal chance to see if you connect with your photographer. They can help put you at ease on your wedding day, knowing that you are going to get those relaxed, natural and funky photographs you wanted and have already worked with your photographer to achieve.

To see more of my engagement photographs just head over to my website at Remember when having your shoot it’s all about you as a couple, and the easiest way to get the photos you want, is by having fun!

Sunday Stumbles – Wedding Inspiration Bonanza


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Of late I have had a mega busy social calendar, with hen nights and weddings, to visitors and family gatherings (one could call me a social butterfly, however social elephant would be better suited). As a result my Sunday Stumbles have been slightly lacking in content. This one however should make up for the past few weeks!

  • Still a big kid at heart? Then how about a board game theme for your wedding – check out Love and Lavender for some excellent ideas and inspiration on achieving this!
  • Candy buffets are all the rage at the moment, and why not? I love this photo from Amy Atlas – the decoration that has gone into this candy table is veyr impressive

candy buffet

  • For top tips on creating a candy buffet for yourself, read this article by Indie Bride
  • I love Jodie Chapman’s photography style and her latest Wedding in Provence was simply stunning – well worth a gander!
  • Love letterpress invitations? (who doesn’t). Then have a look at Hammerpress, they have some excellent designs – my favourite is this;

letterpress invitiation

barge weddingbarge wedding

  • Every Thursday over at 10000dollarwedding it is template Thursday, I like this one – which is your favourite?


  • Unsure what to do about centrepieces or not wanting flowers, how about crystal trees;

crystal trees

  • I’ve mentioned Cards By Sophie before, perhaps more than once. But did you know that Sophie also does mini table plans for those getting married abroad? Fabulous idea – and perfect for posting or fitting in your hand luggage!

mini table plan

That’s all for now folks. Hope you stumbled on something useful.

Have a fab weekend – it’s a bank holiday up here in Scotland tomorrow – Monday off, woohoo!!

Something old, something new…(and a competition too!)


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…..something borrowed, something blue. You probably know the traditional rhyme but did you know the final line that completes it?

…and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

This rhyme goes all the way back to Victorian times and the final line was a tradition that began with the bridegroom placing a sixpence in his bride’s shoe to represent financial security and future wealth.

The rest of the rhyme can be interpreted in many ways but the most popular meanings are;

  • something old represents continuity, the past continuing into the future;
  • something new, the marriage representing the couple’s future together;
  • something borrowed meaning borrowed happiness;
  • something blue represents the bride and grooms commitment, fidelity and love.

As a bride, there are many options for items to complete your rhyme, and again, there are a few traditions relating to the items that normally get chosen. Something old could be a vintage piece of jewellery, perhaps a string of pearls belonging to your grandmother or a vintage brooch.

Marcasite necklace vintage

Something new is perhaps the easiest and for most brides this is their wedding dress or possibly some wedding jewellery bought either by you or for you to wear on your big day.

Something borrowed again could be your jewellery or perhaps you could combine this with the something blue and perhaps borrow a blue garter from a married friend.

Your something blue options could range from a tiny blue crystal incorporated into your jewellery, a charm to clip onto your garter, your new initials sewen into the underside of your dress or a blue flower incorporated into your wedding bouquet or perhaps even a new blue trimmed set of undies for the wedding night…..

garter thin blue

And to help you find your something new, the lovely Tracey from Bridal Designs Wedding Jewellery is giving one lucky Wedding-Inspiration reader the chance to win a stunning Allure pendant and chain, with earrings to match!

allure pendantallure teardrop earring

To enter the competition, simply go onto Tracey’s website : and then come back and tell us what your favourite item from her collection is!

Good luck!!

All entries will be submitted into a draw. closing on Sunday 10/10/10 and the winner will be picked at random on 11/10/10. Open to UK residents only! An email address is required, and these will be added to Bridal Designs e-newsletters database. If you do not wish to be included, please opt-out.


Will you be having Chair Covers at your wedding?


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As you already know from previous posts, I car share to work with a boy. A boy who also gets married next year and talks about weddings (well, mainly wedding budgets) way more than I do.

One fine morning on the way to sunny Livingston, he happened to mention that he needed to get chair covers for his wedding venue. Hence, I pose the question – are chair covers really necessary for a wedding?


I know we won’t be getting them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I think our venue is simply stunning and I don’t think we need to do much in the way of “dressing the venue”. The hall is quite intricate and has high ceilings, a fabulous balcony and pillars already decorated in fairy lights. Secondly, I can’t think of a wedding where I have noticed the wedding covers and therefore believe it is money that we don’t need to spend from our already squashed budget.

That said, I suppose I don’t think that chair covers are strictly necessary – however I guess it does depend a lot on where you are having your wedding reception and what the chairs in that reception look like – or will look like come your special day.

There are many companies that specialise in venue dressing and it is well worth comparing prices and quality of the chair covers. If you are going down this route then there are loads of choices available;

  • Sashes/Ribbons can be changed to match in with your chosen colour theme


  • Flowers can be added for an additional finishing touch – gerberas look particularly pretty and sit well!


  • Instead of a full chair cover, why not have a simple finish with a ribbon and some lavendar or a thistle (perfect for country or garden weddings)


  • Tie your place names in the ribbon for that additional detail
  • Go all out and get chair covers that are a bit more unusual

black and white chair coversunusual chair covers

I’m sure there are loads more ideas – so feel free to share. I guess all that is left to ask is, will you be having chair covers on your wedding day?

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