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Another request this week from a bride whose theme is Burgundy. Obviously there are other colours that you can mix and match this with – but for me, if the bride is wearing ivory and your bridesmaids are wearing burgundy, then why not keep things simple and just incorporate those two in all the little details!

Here are a few of my favourite finds that I have stumbled across this week;

  • Coast offers a great range of affordable bridesmaid dresses – at £95 this burgundy dress is perfect for your best maids;

burgundy bridesmaid dress

  • For both the bride or the bridesmaid, inject a little colour into your accessories, I love this bag and show combo;

burgundy clutch bagburgundy shoe clips

  • Depending on the season, or style of your dress – how about an ivory capelet. Perfect if its a bit chilly and you are going to have bare shoulders!

ivory capelet

  • These paper lanterns are fantastic! A bit different than usual wedding decorations – and the can be personalised with the couples initials and date of the wedding. Lovely.

burgundy paper lanterns

  • Cupcakes. Gotta love them, and his cupcake tower ticks all the boxes;

burgundy and ivory cupcake tower

  • And finally, before your guests leave for the evening – make sure they sign your guest book. I love the raw silk texture of this one;

burgundy guest book

Some lovely bits and pieces amongst that lot! Hope you have stumbled across something useful.

If you would like help with your theme or need some wedding inspiration then please drop me an email at

Wedding-Inspiration’s Shiny New Badge

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Good afternoon to all you wedding-inspiration readers!

Some of you have been asking about a wedding-inspiration badge to show you have been featured on the site. Well, as you all know – I am not one to disappoint, so behold – our shiny new badge…..I hope you like it!

wedding inspiration

If you have featured on the site, then please display it proudly on your site (and remember to link back to

My Wedding Dress Diet – Week 3

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Well folks, it really has been a tough week! Dieting and social gatherings simply don’t mix.

Sure whatever diet you are on can bend a little and give you a bit of flexibility – but if you have 3 or 4 nights out in a week, then there goes the diet.

This week, has been one of those weeks. Inbetween kids birthday parties, catching up with old friends, having a little mother and daughter pampering day and attending a christening I have been really good. However, during those those, I let myself go a little.

Anyway – not seeing my Cambridge leader until Wednesday, so until then, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please.

Thank you!

Stumble on Sundays – Pink and Pearls

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Another week gone by already – time seems to be flying by at the moment. This week, I was asked to have a look for some pink wedding inspiration. Any excuse to browse through wedding stuff!

Below are some of the fabulous wedding related things I came across – all incorporating pink of course;

  • Let’s start with your bridesmaids, most bridesmaid dresses are usually in the bride’s chosen colour scheme for the day and this bright pink strapless dress for Coast fits the bill perfectly

pink bridesmaid dress

  • And for your bridesmaids shoes, Schuh have the perfect pair of pink court shoes, with a low heel (ideal for all that dancing and running after the bride that will be required).

pink shoes

  • Instead of a traditional wedding cake, how about filling this 7 tier cupcake stand

pink cupcake stand

  • Add little pink touches by incorporating some special touches. A little ring holder (or pillow if you are having a page boy) or some unusual table decorations

pink ring holderpink table decoration

  • Simple and stylish, clean and elegant, these invitations and place settings are perfect for incorporating your colour – and whats more, Sophie will even work with you to make sure everything matches perfectly

pink wedding invitationspink wedding placecard

  • As the bride, obviously your wedding dress is going to make you stand out from the crowd – but how about adding something a little extra to make a statement – I am a big fan of brooch bouquets and this wrist bridal corsage, well, wow!

pink brooch bouquetpink cuff

As always, I hope you found something useful!

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

Wedding Cake Ideas for your big day

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When it comes to planning your wedding, nowadays there are many more decisions to be made. Will you wear a white dress, are you going to make your invitations, will you have the ceremony and reception in the one venue……and when you and your husband cut the cake – what type of cake will it be?

Thankfully, Helen Finney from Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design is on hand to offer some suggestions;

When it comes to choosing a wedding cake it can seem like there are almost too many options to think about! Round or square, pillars or stacked, flowers or ribbons, traditional or contemporary, cupcakes, novelty cake, miniatures…. From the wedding fairs we’ve been to there seem to be two opposite ends of the spectrum – brides who know exactly what they want their cake to be and those who have no idea what they’d like! While it’s true that there are endless possibilities, quite often the style and design of your cake will fit in with the feel of your wedding reception. So if you fall into the second category (and before you disappear under a mound of cake magazines), have a think about the overall feel of your wedding and start from there….

1 Traditional tiered cake – a tiered cake has separators between each tier. Traditionally pillars are used but you can give a cake a more contemporary feel by using something like a glass vase instead. The vase can then be filled with flowers or curls of wire, or alternatively left empty. Additionally, the set up of the cake can be changed – maybe have one separator and then two tiers stacked. With this kind of style it usually looks best if you have decoration placed on each exposed cake top.

2 Stacked cake – in this instance, the cakes stand directly on top of each other leaving an outer edge of cake exposed on each tier. Less space on the cakes tends to lend itself towards a simpler design, although you can make the design more elaborate but still contemporary by using cake jewellery.

3 Cupcakes continue to be very popular and there are lots of different options regarding design. A simple buttercream topped cupcake can be made extraordinary by using cupcake wrappers to surround them.

4 Miniatures – our miniature cakes have been very popular with our 2011 brides. The styles mix and match to create a unique feel for the design as each bride chooses something different! Set on a stand with a small top tier cake they can give the impression of a tiered design without the large amount of cake. They also provide a personal element to your design as each guest has their own complete, iced and individually decorated miniature cake.

A couple of final things to consider –

-          If you don’t need a large quantity of cake, consider a single tier or even a two tier cake. You can still achieve impact and beautiful design without a huge cake.

-          Generally, the more complicated the design the higher the price so if you’re working to a budget opt for a simpler design. Things like sugar flowers will add to your price tag. If you do have a budget, be honest with your cake-maker about it. They will work with you to help you achieve a design you love within your limit.

-          If you’re really struggling, find a cakemaker whose designs you like and go and see them. If helps if you bring pictures or examples of things you like – these don’t have to be cakes but maybe a piece of fabric, your invitation or even a wallpaper sample! They will be able to give you ideas and help you decide what it is you’d like.

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