Wedding Insurance – Do you really need it?

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Most people have a pretty clear understanding of car insurance and home insurance – we have a fair bit of experience in sorting them out and because they need renewed annually, we are all well aware of the process. But when it comes to the overall wedding planning experience, people tend to have much less understanding of what it’s all about. A lot of companies offer low cost options to keep in with all budgets, but is it really worth the money?

Often it’s people’s misunderstandings and assumptions of wedding insurance which can leave them seriously out of pocket. For example, one couple recently assumed that their wedding insurance policy would only cover purchases made, deposits paid or services booked after the policy came into force.

As they’d already booked and paid for the venue before sorting out the wedding insurance, they didn’t include the cost of this in the insurance application. Unfortunately as things turned out the wedding had to be postponed because the Groom broke his leg in a skiing accident just before the wedding, and whilst their insurance covered most of the costs involved in rescheduling the whole thing on a later date, the couple had to fork out the money for the venue themselves.

The truth is that when you purchase wedding insurance it doesn’t matter whether you have spent nothing at all, or spent thousands – you’ll still usually be covered for the full amount of the policy.

You may have spent £10,000 before purchasing your wedding insurance, with a view to spending a further £10,000 later. By purchasing wedding insurance offering cover up to £20,000 you’ll still be covered for that full amount of £20,000, as long as the cause of your wedding having to be cancelled or postponed occurs after your wedding cancellation insurance has been paid for and is in force.

This is quite a common misunderstanding, but it’s worth knowing how this sort of arrangement works, otherwise you could inadvertently be losing out on thousands of pounds unnecessarily. This is just one example – courtesy of Adam Leyton at Compare Wedding Insurance. For more info on wedding insurance or to compare the policies on offer please visit;

Cath Kidston at your Wedding?

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The bright florals and striking patterns associated with Cath Kidston are ideal for injecting some colour into your wedding. Perfect for a summer garden wedding or simply creating a focal point in a plain venue – use a mis-match of popular patterns to create the look.

Although none of these items are solely wedding focussed – I think that with a little DIY (go on, you know you want to), you could easily adapt them!

What do you think, would you use Cath Kidston as inspiration for your wedding?

cards by sophie invitationcath kidston style invites


Some brightly coloured wedding invitations are a sure fire way to set the tone of your big day.


cath kidston table plan

Ok, so the house by itself doesn’t mean much – but how about making a bigger one and perhaps in place of windows and doors have your table numbers and seating plan for your guests? (you see where I am going – it could be very impressive huh?)


For wedding favours – some Cath Kidston mini soaps


cath kidston dress

Your bridesmaids will love you even more if you treat them to this lovely dress from Cath Kidston!


cath kidston cake

And for the wedding cake – well we know the world has gone cupcake crazy – so why not treat all your guests to some brightly coloured cupcakes!



The Royal Wedding – How amazing!?!

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I’m sure by now you must’ve seen some photos of the Royal Wedding, or perhaps you watched it on Friday as the day unfolded. From start to finish I was hooked – a surprise to me too – but it was just so lovely!

Wills and Kate looked so happy, I loved that even though it was a Royal Wedding – the couple still managed to  stamp a little of their personality in.

And so, in case you missed it completely (erm, how), then here are a few photos courtesy of the telegraph.


kate-middleton-arriving-royal-wedding-2011royal weddingwills and kate

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