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When it came to wedding decoration I had no idea what I wanted. As a couple we are very mix and match, so it was only right that all the bits and pieces for the big day reflected this! The ideas though, never stopped flowing.

One element I had seen and loved were bay trees. I always think these look perfect and so when I came across some small ribbon tree decorations as centrepieces, I knew I wanted to make some big ones for the start of the aisle.

Time, lots (and lots) of ribbon, lots (and lots) of pins, some floor brush handles, polystyrene balls, large buckets. Seemed simple enough……and it really was!

I started off cutting the ribbon into lengths, it made sense to cut these in bulk-and saved a lot of time in comparison to doing one at a time.

ribbon tree

I made a hole in the middle for the brush handles (bargain at £2 each from b&q)

Hours and hours, and then some hours later….

diy ribbon tree

I put the brush handle as far into the polystyrene balls as I could. And placed in the large buckets (which I bought from country baskets for about £3).

I then filled the buckets with sand to ensure the trees stayed in place.

Et voila! Some perfectly purple ribbon bay trees!

bay tree ribbonsribbon tree aisle

Most females commented on them throughout the day, so although they were time consuming-I must admit, they were totally worth it!

What do you think?

I’m married!

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Well, we did it-we got married!

It’s hard to believe that it was so long ago (8th October). It rained for most of the day, making photos a bit of a challenge, although believe it or not, it didn’t dampen the day…see what I did there?!

The whole day seemed to go according to plan – at least I think so! Our little one was fantastic throughout the whole day and didnt seem bothered by the constant attention.

Fabulous day all round.

I know I still have a lot to share from the actual planning of our big day- but for now, a few unofficial photos to whet your appetite!


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