The Allure of the John Lewis Home Department

Category : Wedding Gift Lists

When we got married, like a lot of couples these days, we had already lived together for a while. We had the pots and pans, the bed linen, an abundance of towels and figured we didn’t need anything else for our home (how wrong were we?!)

Looking back now – as much as we LOVED our honeymoon – it’s something we’d have probably splurged on anyway. Yet, when it comes to the fancy blender, a decent coffee machine, a new bed or a fancy mirror for the living room we hold off (and in some cases still are holding off). Currently off on maternity leave, I’ve been doing a lot of wandering, mostly around the shops given the horrific weather and more and more I seem to find myself in the home section.

It’s nearly Christmas and top of my list is a sewing machine and a new coffee machine.

I can now totally see the attraction in a wedding list. There, I said it. I’ve just realised, I MUST be getting old.

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