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BHS. Not a place I would normally find myself looking for Wedding wear – however, after reading yet another post about a BHS Wedding Sale, I decided to take a look! They have a HUGE range of bridal and wedding shoes (from £15!), wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and so much more. Ideal for us brides on a budget!

Most of the wedding shoes I have looked at so far are anywhere from £100-£450 (been looking at some very expensive sites), which does seem a bit extravagant for a one wear only pair of shoes! Below are a few of my favourite pairs.

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With wedding shoes and sandals from only £15, BHS are certainly offering brides a bargain! Heck, we can all afford to buy two pairs (anyone guess who has a massive shoe cupboard!)

And best of all, it’s not just Wedding Shoes that BHS appear to do well – they also have a pretty fab range of affordable bridesmaid dresses too (and did I mention they have a massive sale on just now!)…..trip to BHS anyone?

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BHS are so good for wedding shoes, I got mine from there for £18.00, they were lovely and I got to spend the extra cash on things for my day that were more special. also bought all my bridesmaids shoes too. xx Lovely blog by the way. I love the notebook design.

They have some really lovely and inexpensive items – great way to make savings and invest it in other ways! Thanks for the comment – isn’t Worpress amazing!

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