Bridesmaid Trends for 2011 – Which will you chose?

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After the success of her first guest post on Wedding-Inspiration, the lovely Liz over at Aliya Rose has written another fabulous post – still along the the lines of what’s in fashion for next year – but this time for bridesmaids! So over to you Liz;

The bridesmaid dresses can sometimes create more headaches than the bridal gown, believe it or not. So when it’s time to work out how to dress your bridesmaids, you might want to bear the following in mind:

  • There are a myriad of gorgeous colours to choose from, and you might be tempted away from your original colour idea. Just remember that your bridesmaid dresses are probably part of a colour scheme for your whole wedding, so make sure you’re happy with the colour as part of the overall look.
  • All brides want to keep their bridesmaids happy. But sometimes you just can’t please everyone, so be prepared to pull the ‘It’s My Wedding’ card if you need to. You’ll want to be tactful, of course, but a good bridesmaid should be happy to wear whatever you want!
  • Let the bridal store help you as much as possible. A long rail full of bridesmaid dresses can be quite daunting – where on earth do you start? A good shop will know their stock inside out, and will take the time to get to know what you and your bridesmaids are looking for. They know what works on different body shapes (and they may have magic dresses that work for everyone!). Not only that, but you may also find they’re very good at people management – and if your bridesmaids are causing you stress, you might find this skill super-handy!

Bridesmaid dresses can offer the opportunity to go for something a bit more fashion forward than you wanted for your bridal gown. So if you didn’t quite feel brave enough to go for a super-trendy wedding dress, but you want to bring your wedding bang up to date, then go for it with the bridesmaids!

One-shouldered designs have hit the rails with a bang this year. Dessy have some superb one-shoulder dresses in a range of fabrics and colours, from super-fun to super-sleek.

dessy one shoulder bridesmaid dress

Cocktail length is the new length for girls who want a shorter dress. It’s a little shorter than tea-length, very wearable, and is absolutely up-to-the-minute.

prom bridesmaid dress

There are a lot more floaty chiffon styles too, where high street and designer style has filtered through, and the popular maxi-dress has been translated to work brilliantly for bridesmaids.

floaty bridesmaid dress

Hot colours: Rich blues, teals, and sea-greens are big news at the moment, along with gorgeous autumnal colours such as damson, gold, or burnt orange. Claret, purple and chocolate are still massively popular though. Ultimately, just don’t be afraid to go with what you love!

Thanks Liz – fabulous post, and some stunning dresses.

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