Wedding Decorations – My DIY Ribbon trees

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When it came to wedding decoration I had no idea what I wanted. As a couple we are very mix and match, so it was only right that all the bits and pieces for the big day reflected this! The ideas though, never stopped flowing.

One element I had seen and loved were bay trees. I always think these look perfect and so when I came across some small ribbon tree decorations as centrepieces, I knew I wanted to make some big ones for the start of the aisle.

Time, lots (and lots) of ribbon, lots (and lots) of pins, some floor brush handles, polystyrene balls, large buckets. Seemed simple enough……and it really was!

I started off cutting the ribbon into lengths, it made sense to cut these in bulk-and saved a lot of time in comparison to doing one at a time.

ribbon tree

I made a hole in the middle for the brush handles (bargain at £2 each from b&q)

Hours and hours, and then some hours later….

diy ribbon tree

I put the brush handle as far into the polystyrene balls as I could. And placed in the large buckets (which I bought from country baskets for about £3).

I then filled the buckets with sand to ensure the trees stayed in place.

Et voila! Some perfectly purple ribbon bay trees!

bay tree ribbonsribbon tree aisle

Most females commented on them throughout the day, so although they were time consuming-I must admit, they were totally worth it!

What do you think?

Stumble On Sundays

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So, after the success of last weeks post – here are the fabulous people and wedding related things that I have came across this week and wanted to share;

  • CraftyPagan Designs – ideal for a vintage/fairytale themed wedding, check out her vintage style Alice in Wonderland Cones;
  • alice in wonderland favour cones

  • Eco friendly wedding invitations by Artcadia Wedding Stationery – green and goregous!
  • Having a guest book, or a frame for your wedding guests to sign? How about getting a real piece of art to spice it up a little. Get a custom drawing from one of your photos from the lovely folk at Little Musings;
  • personalised drawing

  • Making your own favours could be another way to save some pennies. Tablet, fudge or even cookies are all relatively cheap and easy to make – and why not personalise them like the ones below from Williams Sonoma;
  • Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutters

  • Looking for a nifty little guest book? Small, compact and useful for addresses later on, these guest book (and boxes) by Cut the Cake Designs are fantastic. Lots of different colours to match any theme!
  • Top 10 things your maid of honour should remember
  • Wondering what, if anything, you should carry your stuff in on your wedding day? Check this out from the talented Percyhandmade over at Etsy;
  • bridal clutch bag

  • Not so much of a “cute” wedding cake topper, but a pretty cool cake topper by Bunnywithatoolbelt
  • cake topper giraffe

    Hope you stumble across something useful!

DIY – Cheap & Chic Wedding Invitations


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Recently my friend got married in Italy (the wedding photos will be posted very soon!). For this, we got together and made her wedding invitations, place settings and menus.

There is no doubt that it takes a lot of time, but we started them early. Making a few things each night or doing a bigger batch at the weekend, and they were all done in plenty of time. Below are the results;

carolyn wedding invitations

Didn’t we do well?!

The DIY invitations were so simple and cheap to make. Here is what was needed;

  • A few boxes of card, in Carolyn’s chosen colours, cream and burgundy. These were a bargain, at only £5 per box of A4/A5 from PaperMill.
  • The ribbon was from the John Lewis haberdashery , all in all, we needed about 3 reels, costing £3 each.
  • The little stick on pearl jewels were from Ebay – £2 per pack of 80.

Aside from this, the only tools required were the computer and printer, a guillotine and ofcourse lots and lots of double sided tape!

Deciding on the size of the invitations, we simply cut some card and made a mock up to ensure Carolyn (and I guess Billy?), liked the design.

After that, I printed out all the wording for each of the invitations, the menus and the placecards. We cut all the card – this bit is a tad tedious, but once it’s done, the creative work takes place!

And so, we set about sticking all the pieces together (I’m sure there is a more technical term).

I’m obviously biased, but don’t they look great!?!

Stumble on Sundays – New Feature!

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Thanks to all the wonderful brides and wedding blogs out there, I come across so many fabulous ideas every week for our wedding! Unfortunately we can’t incorporate them all – but some of these fabulous finds may come in handy for you and your big day and so, today, Sunday,  I am going to create a new feature – Stumble on Sundays. For all the weird and wonderful snippets I come across throughout the week!


  • Probably one of the biggest and long anticipated shoots for all us wedding bloggers happened this week over at Rock ‘n Roll Bride.
  • RocknRomance-014

  • Going for a vintage theme? How about this pale pink dress from RustBeltThreads over at Etsy;
  • vintage dress

  • Paper Pom Poms from – who can resist?!
  • Personlisation to the max – check out these custom wedding labels for water or wine (I know which I prefer!)
  • Stuck for chosing your table names? One couple used Mr Potato heads of famous couples! Guaranteed to be a talking point!
  • I love cupcakes (don’t we all?!) – if you are making your own wedding cupcakes, then how about these to jazz them up;
  • cupcake fondant

Hope you find something to get those cogs turning! Enjoy your Sunday and here’s hoping for more fabulousness next week.

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