Going Green – how to have a more Eco friendly wedding


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It really is amazing the people you meet in good old twitter land. Every day I speak with people, none of whom I have ever met, but who know when I am having a good or bad day, whether I am on or off the diet wagon or the little secrets that I don’t like to share with folks I know will be at our wedding (there has to be some surprises, right?).

So, when I came across Sara’s blog, it was amazing just how similar our stories are. Both meeting in dodgy nightclubs, both together for numerous years before getting married, both got engaged last christmas. And then, Sara told me about her intention to have a green wedding. Now there is a thought I hadn’t had – who knew there were such events!

Below Sara tells us about her wedding planning and gives some tips on how you can make your wedding green too!

“With everyone banging on about the level of recycling the UK should be doing to save the Ozone layer these days, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that weddings have been hit with the ‘Green’ bug too. Going ‘Green’ seems to be in fashion. When I started researching my own wedding a few months ago, I looked at the usual manor house/small castle venues that every little girl dreams of but none we saw were quite right…

Then we came across The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth which is a stone’s throw from our house!

green house hotel

It turns out the carpets are made from sheep in Salisbury, the wallpaper from students at Royal College St Martins in London and wardrobes made from local Ash trees which only fell during storms or felled by tree surgeons. All of these features make this hotel the ‘greenest hotel in the UK’ with awards to prove it. The thought that has gone into this £5m refurbishment is astonishing and made me think, what else is ‘Green’ these days?

Green Photographic based in Devon provide eco-friendly and affordable wedding photography. They offer digital services to cut the use of film and processing with harmful chemicals and recycle/re-use materials and hardware where possible. Not sure if I could cope with whipping out the laptop to show friends and family the wedding album every time they wanted to see a photo or two though!

Now favours are a whole other matter! It turns out you can have stylish, green and yummy favours that guests will appreciate! Check out Green & Black’s website for their miniature selections of organic chocolate bars wrapped in the ribbon colour of your choice. They come in gift boxes and with their own organic beers and wines if you are looking for a Thank You gift for the mums.

Or for the ‘Super Green’ wedding planners out there, you can have a tree delivered to your door! Citrus trees, Bay tress and Olive trees can be sent to the happy couple via Tree2mydoor.com and they also supply seed packets to use as guest favours.

wedding favour seeds

Now if we all use our common sense, any wedding could be made ‘Green’ by using local suppliers for food, drink, flowers and even wedding dresses. Key points include using the flowers in season but more importantly, ones that are found in the UK so no airmiles have been used to ship them over. If you’re using flowers in your church, see if someone can transport them to your reception venue too. It’s all about getting your money’s worth! And let’s face it, in a time where couples are trying to get the most out of their wedding budget, what better excuse is there than ‘going Green’?

So next time you’re sat in on a Friday night sewing together miles of bunting for your Vintage style marquee wedding with your other half moaning, you can say “But I’m saving the planet, dear!”.


Thanks for that Sara – very informative post! Your wedding venue looks stunning and I may “borrow” the idea of seeds as wedding favours!

Wonder if more people will go green or if the recent announcement of the royal wedding will be the start of some extravagent events. Exciting times lie ahead!

Fun Wedding Decorations – Chalkboards & Candy Buffets


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Following on from the success of Gemma’s first guest post on Vintage Wedding Decorations, I was keen to get her to write another on the latest way to inject some fun into the decoration of your venues. There are loads of sites offering ideas and inspiration to help with this and Gemma has kindly put together some of the latest items she has available to help in your mission!

So, drum roll……Gemma!

At The Wedding of my Dreams we’re always on the lookout for fun new wedding trends and ideas for wedding table decorations. Our aim to help inspire you with ideas and decorations which will help make your day that little bit different form everyone else’s.

The best part about my job has to be going out and searching for new, individual or unusual wedding decorations. So when the Wedding Inspirer asked if I wanted a spot on her blog I couldn’t help but share my two favourite trends with you.

The first are our blackboard inspired buckets and signs. Perfect for brides having a black and white wedding theme or brides who just want to add a bit of fun, quirkiness and individuality to their day.

blackboard table numberblackboard table number

The blackboard wedding table signs are a great way to number your tables, they come on a stick so can either be placed in your table centre piece or put them in their own little jar or pot. I think they look extra cute in the little terracotta pots!

And you don’t have to stop there; they could add a lovely touch to your thank you bouquets as well.

blackboard table number

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your tables then these buckets might be for you. They have a little blackboard on the front, ideal for your table numbers or table names. They’d make a great little present for young bridesmaids or pageboys as well, write their names on the front and fill with presents and goodies to keep them entertained!

blackboard bucket

My next favourite trend is just one I had to get involved with! Sweetie tables, or candy bars for all you American readers. I’ve seen a few weddings with them and just love the idea of setting up a traditional old fashioned sweet shop in the corner of the room – Mr and Mrs Candy Shop!

So when I stumbled across these gorgeous sweetie jars I knew we had to have them on The Wedding of my Dreams. Old fashioned glass sweetie jars will help create the look of a traditional sweet shop at your wedding. Each glass jar come with a lid one reads British Digestive Biscuits and the other English Quality Confectionery.

Sweetie Table Jar Confectionery

To complete the sweetie table and perhaps add some height we have vintage tiered cake stands and glass jars with hearts.

three tired vintage cake standglass heart jar for candles or sweets

And don’t forget the silver sweetie scoops for that traditional sweetie shop feel, you could even use the blackboard signs as sweetie labels!

Silver Sweetie Scoop for Candy Barblackboard table number or sign

Unfortunately all these jars come empty! But that’s the fun part, now you can go out sweetie shopping and relive all those childish moments!


Thanks again Gemma – another fab post.

To see more of The Wedding of My Dreams range or buy any of the decorations above, visit www.theweddingofmydreams.co.uk.

Why have an Engagement Shoot?


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I love looks at other peoples photos. It doesn’t matter how many they have, I just love looking at them. Dabbling in photography myself, I once shot a couples wedding – and I totally underestimated just how difficult it was. I didnt know the couple particularly well and found it really hard to encourage and co-ordinate them all. Back then though, engagment shoots were unheard of (at least in my amateur state!).

Wills from William Wilson photography helps explain what is involved in an engagement shoot, and perhaps helps us understand why they are so important. Over to you Wills;

Everyone who has been engaged will know how much the first photograph of you as a couple means. At the time it was probably just a quick snap taken by a friend but that memory has been immortalized and usually ends up in your family album. Having photographs of you both alone together becomes a rarity, unless of course you are a dab hand with a self timer or have really long arms to snap you both together!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a collection of fphotographs, just of you, looking at your time as a newly engaged couple, a time when new memories are made, the time before your family lives fully evolve and that first stage of your life together drifts into fond memories.

The days of the standard couple together photograph is long gone. Photo shoots are a time to have fun and get some photographs that show you having fun. We have been doing fun engagement photo shoots for a while but very few people understood the concept. With that in mind, this year we ran a competition to let people see how much fun an engagement photo session can be – and here are some of the results;

William Wilson Photography

This selection of photographs of Kimberly and Steven were taken at the height of the Edinburgh Festival, jam packed with people and a tremendous buzz all around them – the results are fantastic!

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Normally people feel shy in front of the camera, that’s where my approach is to roll with the flow, bring the couple out of their comfort zone by placing them wthin a crowd. Soon it becomes easier, and the photographs and the poses more natural,  the kisses become real (I make sure they practice a lot). The photographs aren’t real – who stands on the road letting buses whizz past, climbs onto a container or jumps for joy in front of the Balmoral?! Truth be told, no-one, but there you have it Kim and Steven never thought they would either – and look at the results.

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Being romantic is a trait borrowed from our continental friends, pinching a flower from the park is the closest we get to being almost naughty (well it kind of is naughty and shouldn’t be encouraged, so guy’s buy a nice rose and save me from my brushes with the parky!).

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Engagement shoots are an ideal chance to see if you connect with your photographer. They can help put you at ease on your wedding day, knowing that you are going to get those relaxed, natural and funky photographs you wanted and have already worked with your photographer to achieve.

To see more of my engagement photographs just head over to my website at www.williamwilsonphotography.co.uk. Remember when having your shoot it’s all about you as a couple, and the easiest way to get the photos you want, is by having fun!

My “Best of” Vintage Wedding Decorations


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I have a real thing right now for anything in a vintage style (or real vintage ofcourse!). With such pretty and romantic looking accessories, table decorations and dresses available, I think this style is ideal for a wedding.

A couple of weeks back (before the computer went on the brink) Gemma – from The Wedding of my dreams and I, got talking about all the fabulous vintage inspired table decorations she currently has on offer – and luckily for us, she is willing to share the best with us!

So, over to Gemma;

At The Wedding of my Dreams we currently love everything vintage. We are an online shop selling wedding table decorations, favours, venue decorations, brooches and some unique extras, with our vintage ranges
being some of our best sellers.

1. Vintage Birdcage Table Plan – This is one of my personal favourites, and has been loved by our brides. The slightly domed Antique finished metal frame complete with love bird comes with limed wooden pegs to hold your Table Cards in place.

vintage birdcage tableplan

2. Silver and Glass Vintage Votives – These glass votives come in three different designs with silver metal twisted around the rim to give that vintage lace filigree effect. Simply place a t-light in the glass votives to add that dreamy, romantic look to your wedding tables.

3. Vintage Mocha Freeze Dried Rose Petals – Our mocha coloured rose freeze dried petals are grown with care and attention in the Shropshire countryside. They are a taken from high quality roses where you can see the curves and intricate detail of each petal. These amazingly vintage looking rose petals would look perfect scattered on the tables to fit with your vintage wedding theme.

Silver and Glass Vintage Votivesvintage mocha freeze dried petals

4. Oh so Vintage Wedding Sign: Celebrate – Make your wedding individual with wedding signs. Vintage inspired and distressed metal sign with inspirational words reading ‘Celebrate Life: Rise with a smile,
rejoice in the day, dance in the moonlight’.

oh so vintage wedding sign

5. Silver Lovebird Name Place Holder – If you are looking for something to display your place cards with look no further, these unique little silver birds look stunning on wedding tables and can be given as
favours for guests to take home for their memos/photos.

6. Silver and Pearl Brooch – Each Stunning Silver and Pearl Brooch is carefully created to add that perfect finishing touch to your wedding outfit, use it on the ribbon of your bouquet, as a gift for your bridesmaids. Or add that Wow factor to your table setting and add as a napkin decoration for special guests.

7. Hanging Heart Lovebirds – This vintage inspired decoration of white heart lovebirds will look gorgeous hung around your wedding venue inside your reception room, marquee or hanging from trees in the garden. A perfect finishing touch to your vintage wedding.

8. Soft Pink Flower Heads – These soft pink vintage flower heads look great in a vase or scattered around your guests tables or sweetie, use them in vintage tea cups to decorate favour boxes and other creative ideas.

Hanging Heart Lovebirdssoft pink flower heads

9. White Flower Candle in Vintage Tin – These candles are handmade and smell beautiful as soon as the tins are opened, I love the design on the lid of the tin, making them an original addition to any wedding, whether they are positioned on the guest tables to tie in with your vintage look or are saved for special guests to take home in memory of your special day.

White Flower Candle in Vintage Tin

10. Pretty in Purple Candle Holder – Each candle holder is covered with pink/purple daisy and viola petals giving it a romantic summer look. As the pinks and purples are soft tones they would look beautiful in a vintage inspired wedding.

pretty in purple flower candle holder

All of the vintage wedding decorations above and many more can be found at The Wedding of my Dreams and if you’re in to twitter follow me for our latest news and updates @theweddingOMD

Thanks Gemma – I think I want them all!

Making Speeches at Weddings

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When it comes to our wedding speeches, I have no idea what to expect. My dad is a very sociable man, but standing up in front of all our friends and family, that has to be daunting. My future husband is confident singing in front of whoever will listen, but a speech – that is a whole new ball game.

Kim – Your London Wedding Planner – gives these tips on giving a wedding speech.

Some of the most appealing, yet daunting aspects of a wedding are the speeches, the best friends of the Bridegroom are eager to gain the position of ‘Best Man’; until they realise that they have to prepare what’s traditionally seen as ‘the funniest’ of all the speeches of the couples special day. Very often Fathers of the Bride are conflicted with both pride and nerves when standing and presenting their daughter to the room. Nerves are natural; but the act of making the speech doesn’t start at the wedding reception, it starts months and months in advance. It doesn’t seem like an easy task – but it can be with a little thought, preparation and practice.

Firstly, when Thinking about your speech; ensure that what you’re saying is relevant to the occasion. The more precise and honed your ideas are, the better the speech will flow and the better you will feel delivering th speech. Do be sure to give it a lot of thought before you begin to structure your speech; for Fathers of the Bride – this means sentimentality, and possibly one or two little embarrassing numbers about both the Bride and the Bridegroom. For the Best Man, it’s a whole other story; be sure to make your speech appropriate for the expected audience. Do take into consideration the presence of small children and elderly people who may not take kindly to crude stories. Keep it smart, snappy and witty – this is your chance to toast your best friend and his new wife. A day that everyone will remember; so make sure it’s remembered for the right reasons!

Secondly, a little Preparation can help you structure the speech to suit the occasion. It’s more than likely been a very long and tiring day for everyone, just before your speeches – so try not to be too longwinded or heavy – upbeat and quirky is key. Be sure to edit, and rework your speech so you’re not telling too many similar stories, and that your overall message features from start to finish. For the Best Men, the preparatory element may include gathering stories from parents and such – do be sure to choose the best ones, as one can only successfully present a handful of stories in one sitting without their audience becoming restless.

Lastly, it’s important to Practice your speech. Whether it’s practiced on your partner, a small, select group of family members (after all, you don’t want to spoil it) or even just the dog! It’s a huge cliché, but practice really does make perfect. If you think, prepare and practice the speech in due time – then you won’t even need cue cards on the day; after all, there’s nothing more annoying than someone fiddling with a piece of paper whilst giving a speech.

Make sure you’re comfortable with all of the relevant content of the speech – cut out any words that trip you up, or unnecessary statements. Before you know it, you’ll be standing in front of a grand audience toasting your friends/family and giving a duly pleasing speech indeed.

Hopefully that will be of use to some of you preparing your speech!

Thanks Kim.

For more information or help on Kim’s wedding planning service, please visit her website at www.yourlondonweddingplanner.co.uk

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