Confessions of a not so Rock’n'Roll Hen


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I am not rock’n'roll. There I said it.

I like what I like and what I like does not a traditional hen party make. There will be no horns or blow up objects of any kind. I will not wear a t-shirt branded in any “hen” like way.

hen party

So what am I doing for my hen?

Well, myself and 11 of my close friends are heading to a house in Dalgety Bay (just outside Edinburgh). One Friday night after work we will head up to a big house with a cinema, a wii, a nice garden (fingers crossed the Scottish weather works in our favour), a homely kitchen and a very big fridge.


dalgety bay

Face masks and cocktails, films and takeaways, just dance and lots of chatting, shopping and afternoon tea, did I mention cocktails already?

A girly weekend, with the girls I enjoy spending time with, but never seem to have enough time to see as much of as I would like.

It sounds perfect doesn’t it?!

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