Laura and Darrens Big Day – by Wilson McSheffrey


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Another lovely wedding from the fabulous Wilson McSheffrey photographers today – this time, the gorgeous Laura and her husband Darren share with us their special day. A stunning couple, I think it is clear that they were both very relaxed in front of the camera!

Below, Kate tells us a bit about the couple’s wedding;

“Andrew and Emmett had great fun shooting Laura and Darrens wedding photography on the east cost of Scotland, just outside Edinburgh. They were an absolutely lovely couple and worked with us really well to get some fantastic shots.



Laura and Darren chose to hold their ceremony last July at the Historical Crammond Kirk a beautiful Church situated right by the sea. The weather was a bit over cast but this was perfect for some moody coastal shots. Not only was Laura a beautiful bride but also a perfect model who was not afraid to strike a pose or two against the dramatic backdrop!


Wilson_McSheffrey_Crammond_Kirk Wilson_McSheffrey_Crammond_Kirk Wilson_McSheffrey_Crammond_Kirk Wilson_McSheffrey_Crammond_Kirk

After the ceremony the wedding party moved on to Edinburgh’s’ Capital Hotel to start the celebrations, a modern contrast to the Kirk, here Andrew and Emmett used the contemporary surroundings to get some lovely portraits of Darren and Laura.


Wilson_McSheffrey_Crammond_Kirk Wilson_McSheffrey_Crammond_Kirk

Andrew later commented on lovely it was to work with a couple who were relaxed, enjoying their day and having great fun!”

A big thanks to Wilson McSheffrey for sharing some more of their fabulous photography – and a huge congratulations to Andrew for sucessfully adding to his LSWPP by passing his Master Photographers Association Licentiate qualification!


Introducing our newest sponsor – Wilson McSheffrey Photography

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It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you wedding-inspiration’s latest sponsor, Glasgow’s very own Wilson McSheffrey Photography. I first came across these fantastic photographers via an old friend’s wedding photos on facebook, and was instantly impressed with their lovely images.

So, it is without further hesitation, that I hand you over to Kate to tell us all a little about Wilson McSheffrey Photography;

Wilson McSheffrey Photography is a small independent, creative, fine art photographic company based in central Scotland run by photographers and friends, Andrew Wilson and Emmett McSheffrey. Andrew and Emmett have known each other on the photography scene for almost ten years, having gained their Advanced Diploma in illustrative photography together at Glasgow College of Building and Printing (now Glasgow Metropolitan). After being asked separately by friends and family to cover several weddings they joined together to form Wilson McSheffrey five years ago. Andrews fiance Kate (that’s me!!) also a professional photographer works also helps out when clients request a female photographer to cover the bridal preparations.

wilson mcsheffreywilson mcsheffrey

Andrew and Emmett love the creativity and freedom that working as photographers offer and absolutely enjoy bringing something a wee bit different to the wedding photography market. They also take great pleasure from producing beautiful photographs that really convey the unique atmosphere of each individual wedding and seeing their clients faces light up as the memories of their day come back. However being creative types they don’t enjoy the more dull office bound aspects of running a business. (which is why I do most of that for them!)

wilson mcsheffreywilson mcsheffrey

Wilson | McSheffreys style could be described as vintage glamour with the spontaneity of photojournalism and they love to create classic wedding photography with a modern feel. Taking inspiration from fashion and editorial photography Andrew and Emmett hope to provide clients wedding photography that offers something new and a bit diverse from the standard expectation of what wedding photography should be.

We offer four flexible packages – Lace, Satin, Velvet & Cashmere all of which include full day coverage and a gorgeous Bellissimo Perfetto wedding album. More details can be found on our blog:

A big thanks to Kate for introducing us to Wilson McSheffrey! Please be kind and leave some comment love for wedding-inspiration’s newest sponsor!

As a special treat Wilson McSheffrey have a special offer available to all wedding-inspiration readers;

Quote Wedding Inspirations in any enquiry and receive an engagement shoot included in the Lace or Satin packages or a post wedding fashion shoot included in the Velvet package.

Getting the best from your Wedding Photographer – Part 2


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I hope you all found yesterday’s post on Getting the best from your Wedding Photographer useful. Today, Katherine gives us some more top  tips to help you get those perfect wedding shots!

Over to Katherine;

  • Have an Engagement Shoot – If this is something that your photographer does not include then I highly recommend you arrange one separately with them. I find that my couples are far more relaxed in front of the camera on their wedding day if you have already had a shoot with me and the more relaxed you are in front of the camera the better the images!

Engagement shootEngagement shoot

  • Brief bridesmaids and guests – This sounds strange and I am not suggesting you sit them all down and let them know what is expected of them but you will be surprised how many key people at a wedding have no idea how to act when a camera is on them.  If you are hoping for relaxed reportage photography, then we want to take shots of your guests being natural and having fun.  If you know your mum will shy away from the camera or your bridesmaid will grin at it at every opportunity it is worth asking them to try to ignore the camera on the day itself!

brides mum

  • Props and details – Most brides put a huge amount of thought in to the details, but occasionally I will attend a wedding that doesn’t quite have the wow factor in this area. Images of details are by no means essential but a little thought in to this area can get some stunning details shots that in an album will help tell the story of your day. Also have a think about props: Fun booths are now huge at weddings and props during your couple shots can really add to the magic. A love note you got the morning of the wedding, a little heart shaped chalkboard or a big colourful balloon can help make your images fun and modern.
  • Share your ideas – Photographers love nothing more than trying new things… and we always love to hear ideas that you may have and are usually very happy to give these a go. In the same vein, trust your photographer he/she is there to get amazing images for you, however odd you think the backdrop or the pose they have the final image in mind so give it a go!

brides mum

  • Show your love laugh and smile! – This is the most important, you would be surprised how many brides get through an unbelievably overwhelming day and have forgotten to smile and enjoy it! Especially during your couple shots HAVE FUN, kiss, laugh, hug, show your love and magic will shine through in your images!

I hope you found Katherines tips on getting the best from your photographer as useful as I did – bring on the camera!

All photos used in this post are the work of Kathering Ashdown Photography. Please visit to see some more of Katherine’s work!

Getting the best from your Wedding Photographer – Part 1


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So, you’ve made your decision and your wedding photographer is booked. Excellent.

If you are anything like me though, you may sit pondering how you can get photos like those we all see (and possibly drool over) in wedding magazines or blogs. You know the ones, where everything looks perfect, the couple never have double chins and instead look completely beautiful for the whole day. Well today, the wonderful photographer that is Katherine Ashdown gives us some advice on how to get the best from your photographer – listen up, it’s all very good advice!

“So you have managed to secure the photographer of your dreams for your big day – phew! You can now sit back and relax… well not quite!

It is your photographer’s job to make the magic happen and get gorgeous shots of you and you family on the day, after all that’s why you choose them; but there are some things you could think about to help him/her create that magic!

  • Light – Every photographer loves natural light and it is something that we are looking for constantly! Have a think abut your venue, by no means am I suggesting to change your venue but have a think about how you make your arrangements. Do you have a choice of bridal suite – if so choose the lightest room! Have you chosen to have your ceremony facing the window or away from it?  The more natural light your photographer has the better your images so just keep it in mind when making important decisions.

  • Don’t be in a hurry – ladies love getting ready, don’t we? On your wedding day you may have given yourself an abundance of time to get ready but bear in mind you will also be having fun, having some champers or advising your mum on which hat to wear! Leave plenty of time to put your dress on and ideally a few minutes to have some shots on your own and with your Dad/Mum Bridesmaids just before the ceremony. These shots are always amazing as the excitement and atmosphere shine through!

  • Look for your photographer at key moments – This is a big one, I always say to my Brides don’t get out of the car at the ceremony until you see me! As a photographer it is our job to be in the right place at the right time and we will, but it is always worth being mindful that you photographer is there during the key moments of your day.

  • Talk to the Vicar/Registrar – Vicars and Registrars have strict rules about what a photographer can do during a ceremony. Most photographers will speak to the vicar just before the ceremony and be well seasoned with the general rules.  But it is always worth knowing these yourself so that during the rehearsal you can be sure that the photographer will be able to get the key shots on your day without being obstructed.

  • Allow enough time for your group and couple shots – To do group and couple shots between your wedding ceremony and breakfast might take longer than you think. It is well worth asking your photographers advice to make sure that this part of the day is not rushed and you get the shots you want.

Thanks for that Katherine! Part 2 will be on the site tomorrow.

All photos used in this post are the work of Katherine Ashdown, to see more of this lady’s fabulous photography – please visit,

The lady behind the lens – Lyndsey Goddard

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As a regular reader of Wedding-Inspiration, you will have undoubtedly seen some of Lyndsey Goddard’s work and for those stumbling across the site for the first time – check out the real weddings section to see some!

I love Lyndsey’s style of photography. From he unobtrusive shots she manages to capture of the happy couple, to the small details that may be forgotten about after the wedding day itself, each shot seems to be taken at precisely the right moment.

And so, I thought it would be a nice great idea – to get to know more about the lady behind the lens. Lyndsey Goddard.

lyndsey goddard

“I live in London with my husband, a wonderful Scottish man, who I was lucky enough to marry last year. After documenting other people’s big day it was fantastic to be on the other side of the camera.  It truly was the best day of my life. As a recently married female wedding photographer, I can put myself completely in another bride’s (diamond encrusted, blown the budget on them, but what-the-hell-it’s-my-wedding-day) shoes.

I do think being female helps in my line of work; I know when to shoot and what not to shoot when the girls are getting ready, how to calm the wedding morning jitters, and the importance of keeping a pair of ‘party feet’, an emery board and other necessities in my camera bag. I have helped brides reapply mascara after a tearful walk down the aisle, negotiate a dress on a toilet trip and stitch up a hemline which has got caught in a (said diamond encrusted, blow the budget..) heel.

For me a wedding day is the culmination of every emotion going; excitement, joy, nerves, happiness, satisfaction, nostalgia and of course love. To capture all of these in my photography is what I strive to achieve.

Lyndsey Goddard

I studied Fine Art which I am often told shows in my work. A lot of my photography is about detail; a vintage necklace, a blue ribbon sewn discreetly inside a wedding dress, handmade wedding favours. The small things which tell the story of a wedding day.

Although I shoot digital now, I started out in the days of film, and spent many a happy hour in the darkroom, seeing images come to life. I love photography for its ability to catch a moment in time which can otherwise pass by unnoticed. A look, a touch, a feeling.

Photography can tell a story in years to come when the memory has gone from our minds. This is why I work in the way I do; documentary coverage tells a story and captures all the personality of the day. It isn’t just a record of who was there, what they wore, and what they ate. It’s a record of how they felt. If you can look at a photograph and imagine what it was like to be there, then the photographer has achieved their goal.

When I am photographing a wedding I like to arrive at the bride’s a couple of hours before she leaves for the ceremony. For me this is a hugely important time, whether it is just the bride by herself, slicking on her lipstick before she heads out the door, or a house full of 4 bridesmaids, 6 flower girls, two makeup artists and a frazzled dad; the madness or the quiet time before the ceremony is a special time of the wedding day.

I photograph the journey to the ceremony, the ceremony, the drinks reception, the speeches, the first dance and the party, usually leaving about half an hour into the evening celebrations. The majority of the day, I work as a quiet presence, and this allows me to achieve the photographs I do, and fully capture the spirit of the day. However, I do like to take a short amount of time with the couple, away from the crowds, to take some portraits of just the two of them. This usually takes about 15 minutes; any longer than this is too long away from their guests in my opinion, and they should be drinking champagne, getting congratulated and soaking up the atmosphere, not posing for photographs. It’s their day, not mine.

Lyndsey Goddard

My aim is that my couples have complete faith in me to document the most important day of their lives artistically, creatively and honestly. I want them to relive their day every time they look at the photographs. And if when looking at the photographs, their guests can say, “Did you have a photographer there? We didn’t notice” then I feel i have done my job. ”

Doesn’t Lyndsey sound fab?! Based in London, but covering all of the UK – if you would like to check out more of Lyndsey’s work please visit her website, or become a fan on her Facebook page.

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