Mr and Mrs Billy Gaffney, Lake Garda Wedding

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I’ve held back on posting Carolyn and Billy’s big day in Italy, mostly because I didn’t want to give away what Carolyn’s dress looked like before the wedding reception – but now that that has been and gone, I have been granted permission.

Many years back, Billy and I worked together. More often than not on a Friday night after work, Carolyn and I would meet in town and go for some light refreshments. On one of these said Fridays, Billy tagged along, and from then on in the pair were inseperable!

Here is what the couple have said about their wedding day;

“We chose Italy purely because we wanted to go abroad, we wanted our day to have something of a relaxed atmosphere,  be intimate and with a nice sunny setting. We knew someone who had been married in Malcesine before, and having seen their wedding video – we knew it was what we wanted from our day. Lake Garda Weddings made it really easy too – from the initial planning stages to the final finer details – nothing was too much trouble for them and they always got back to us straight away when we emailed them any questions. Having a wedding planner in Italy made life so much easier. ”

carolyn and billy gaffney

And the best memory from the day?

“That’s a hard one, the whole day was absolutely fantastic and there is nothing we would change. I don’t think I can really pick out one part of the day as being better than the rest,  although the boat trip on the lake seems to stand out in my head. The boat trip took place after the wedding ceremony and photos and I think everyone seemed to relax and enjoy themselves at that point (perhaps something to do with the cool sea air as it was a rather hot day!). ”

carolyn and billy gaffneycarolyn and billy gaffney

And the best present the couple recieved?

“We really didn’t expect much, we threw a massive party when we got back to Scotland to celebrate our marriage with friends and family, and were gobsmacked by their generosity, which consisted mostly of money and gift cards. The best man (Billy’s older brother) got us a Thai cooking class day – which will get us in the mood for our honeymoon in December.”

carolyn and billy gaffney

The best part about being married?

“Knowing that you have made the commitment to spend the rest of your life with the person you love – life couldn’t get any better.” (This was from the groom himself – how sweet!)

carolyn and billy gaffney

Carolyn and Billys wedding was planned and all photographs supplied through Lake Garda Weddings.

Carolyn and Billys Wedding Reception

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A short post today!

After getting married in Lake Garda at the begining of the month – Carolyn and Billy are holding their wedding reception today. The reception is taking place at the lovely Dullatur Golf Club tonight. The sun isn’t shining, but at least there is no rain so far…

Can’t wait to see Carolyn and Billy in their outfits, not many brides get to wear their dress twice!

Here is a wee sneak preview of their wedding day!

carolyn gaffneybilly gaffney

More tomorrow if I am not too hungover!

Have a good weekend folks xx

DIY – Cheap & Chic Wedding Invitations


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Recently my friend got married in Italy (the wedding photos will be posted very soon!). For this, we got together and made her wedding invitations, place settings and menus.

There is no doubt that it takes a lot of time, but we started them early. Making a few things each night or doing a bigger batch at the weekend, and they were all done in plenty of time. Below are the results;

carolyn wedding invitations

Didn’t we do well?!

The DIY invitations were so simple and cheap to make. Here is what was needed;

  • A few boxes of card, in Carolyn’s chosen colours, cream and burgundy. These were a bargain, at only £5 per box of A4/A5 from PaperMill.
  • The ribbon was from the John Lewis haberdashery , all in all, we needed about 3 reels, costing £3 each.
  • The little stick on pearl jewels were from Ebay – £2 per pack of 80.

Aside from this, the only tools required were the computer and printer, a guillotine and ofcourse lots and lots of double sided tape!

Deciding on the size of the invitations, we simply cut some card and made a mock up to ensure Carolyn (and I guess Billy?), liked the design.

After that, I printed out all the wording for each of the invitations, the menus and the placecards. We cut all the card – this bit is a tad tedious, but once it’s done, the creative work takes place!

And so, we set about sticking all the pieces together (I’m sure there is a more technical term).

I’m obviously biased, but don’t they look great!?!

Carolyn is walking down the aisle!


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On Monday they jetted off to the beautiful Lake Garda, and today with both sets of parents and their brothers by their side, Carolyn and Billy are getting married. Yipee!

A cool, calm and collected bride to be, Carolyn has orchastrated the whole event from her sunny flat in Condorrat, with the help of a dedicated wedding planner from to help avoid any pressure.

carolyn stewart

A bride on a budget, Carolyn has certainly surpassed herself by making all the invitations, menus and placecards (did I mention I helped?) not to mention her headband and jewellery (pics will follow after the main event – but until then it remains a secret!).

The wedding takes place today, in Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda. Fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day on the Lake.

Malcesine lake garda

Good luck you guys – hope you have a fantastic day.

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