Why have your wedding day filmed by a professional?

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When it comes to our wedding, I know undoutedly that I want lots and lots of fabulous photos to capture our day. However, a video? Do we? Do we not?

Personally I don’t like to watch myself on camera, but then on the flip side, what if we don’t get one and I always regret it?

Tracey over at Midway Media has kindly put together a post on getting your wedding filmed by a professional – hopefully it can help with the decision!

Over to you Tracey…

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion and one that you will want to remember and treasure for a lifetime. With a DVD, you can watch any aspect of your special day over and over again and relive the day with family and friends. A wedding DVD capture’s the real emotion such as laughter, tears, the grooms nerves as he eagerly awaits for you to arrive by his side as well as the little moments that you weren’t even aware of in a way that a still photograph cannot achieve alone.  A wedding DVD will compliment your wedding photographs and fill in any blanks that you may not remember – countless brides and grooms have said how quickly the day goes!

A good videographer will capture so many things during the filming of a wedding, particularly moments where the bride/groom and the guests do not even realise that the camera is rolling – this is what we refer to has unobtrusive filming where we hide in the background and record what is happening for you to watch later.  From my own experience, there will be things that you don’t remember happening or what was said at a particular point in the day such as the father of the brides speech, the laughter and cheering as everyone wishes the bride and groom a long and happy marriage.  It would bring a smile, a small tear of happiness to watch this over an over again.

I myself am a videographer who loves to film weddings and after 16 years together we finally tied the knot almost 3 years ago now and I still watch our wedding DVD.   It still makes me smile as there are moments that my husband can’t be with me by my side so watching our wedding on the TV or my Iphone is the next best thing!

Paying for a professional videographer to film a very memorable day will ensure that each precious moment is captured without any glitches or those all important moments are missed.  Filming a wedding is not the easiest of tasks to undertake as they can be unpredictable and not just a case of turning the camera onto record, theirs is so much more to it than that.   It is down to the individual to research, view and watch as many samples/whole wedding films, chat etc to find a professional videographer that they are comfortable with and one that can do what has been asked to do.  Those seeking the services of a wedding videographer should ask as many questions as it takes to ensure that they feel confident with the videographer’s abilities and there commitment to the job they do as he/she will be with you for a number of hours.  A quality picture is nothing without good quality audio so it is essential that the videographer shows the prospective client a full clip of a ceremony/speeches so that they can hear this for themselves.  A videographer will always show their best work!  Most professional videographers will use broadcast quality (HD – not all mind) video cameras and a good sound recording system.  The footage then will be edited to a professional standard. By letting a professional capture your day on film, this then takes the pressure off the couple and their filming volunteer leaving them to and all enjoy the celebrations and the emotions of the day knowing that the filming is in safe hands and that nothing will have been missed.

Many videographers will have a number of options to choose from allowing the couple to select a video package that their budget will allow.  One factor that often gets forgotten about is, its not just the filming on the day (sometimes over 12 hours), it’s the pre-wedding planning, attending rehearsals, visits to the client /venue, its surprising how the hours soon mount up.  Then once the day is over the editing begins and this is very complex when using a professional editing suite.  DVDs these days should have smooth transitions and of course continuity.  12/14 hours of footage needs to be condensed into a DVD of just 1-2 hours.  It can take over 70 hours of work to complete a DVD to a high standard plus designing the DVD cover and the DVD label.

One last thought on pricing, don’t put the price before quality – it is definitely worth paying that little bit more than have disappointment.  Most videographers can accommodate a wide range of budgets and as such pricing is subject to many factors such as the area where the videographer lives, the equipment used, business overheads and their experience.  A full time videographer will charge more than one that does it as a hobby as he/she needs to make a living from what they do and they will also be fully insured!

Thanks Tracey – a very informative post indeed!

For more information, or if you have any further questions, then please get in touch with Tracey at midway-media.com or drop her an email : enquiries@midway-media.co.uk

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