Wedding Decorations – My DIY Ribbon trees

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When it came to wedding decoration I had no idea what I wanted. As a couple we are very mix and match, so it was only right that all the bits and pieces for the big day reflected this! The ideas though, never stopped flowing.

One element I had seen and loved were bay trees. I always think these look perfect and so when I came across some small ribbon tree decorations as centrepieces, I knew I wanted to make some big ones for the start of the aisle.

Time, lots (and lots) of ribbon, lots (and lots) of pins, some floor brush handles, polystyrene balls, large buckets. Seemed simple enough……and it really was!

I started off cutting the ribbon into lengths, it made sense to cut these in bulk-and saved a lot of time in comparison to doing one at a time.

ribbon tree

I made a hole in the middle for the brush handles (bargain at £2 each from b&q)

Hours and hours, and then some hours later….

diy ribbon tree

I put the brush handle as far into the polystyrene balls as I could. And placed in the large buckets (which I bought from country baskets for about £3).

I then filled the buckets with sand to ensure the trees stayed in place.

Et voila! Some perfectly purple ribbon bay trees!

bay tree ribbonsribbon tree aisle

Most females commented on them throughout the day, so although they were time consuming-I must admit, they were totally worth it!

What do you think?

Wedding Favours? Do Me A Favour!


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For our wedding, we are on a budget.

We probably could cut back and save some more, but I speak for both of us when I say, it’s not what we want. The day in itself is exactly that, a day – hopefully we will only do it the once, but it’s not the big day we are in it for, it’s the marriage. Of course we both want it to have all the trimmings and be the most perfect day it can be, but within reason.

With this in mind, one area we will be pulling back on is wedding favours. I can’t remember a time when I have thought “wow” over a wedding favour and given that they can cost a few quid each, it’s a great way to save a few pennies. Luckily for us, my friend is baking some tablet for the big day (yay for Emma!).

But what other cheap options are there for wedding favours?

  • Any baked good are an easy option, biscuits, cake pops, homemade chocolates and so on
  • Lottery tickets or scratch cards
  • Play wedding favour bingo and have a selection of prizes
  • Only giving to the females (traditional too!) can quite easily cut the favour budget in half
  • Charity pin badgets (feel good factor guaranteed!)
  • Flower seeds (easy to package up and keep in line with your wedding colours)

What other suggestions have you got?

Simple Vintage Style Wedding Ideas by The Green Cockatoo


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Vintage themed weddings are becoming very popular nowadays, with many couples deciding that they would like something a little more personal than the traditional package offered by many hotels and venues. It is easy to add a vintage twist with a little time and imagination, so to begin, look at your theme or colour scheme and then relate this to your venue. What existing features can you use – maybe a pretty fireplace that could be decorated, or a lovely mirror that could be turned in to a focal point? Do the existing colours give you a head start with the decorating? Would pretty vintage style bunting look good around the walls or across the hall? Now is the time to discuss ideas with your partner, and enlist the help and enthusiasm of your best friends and bridesmaids.

tea cup and saucervintage table decorations

For a simple vintage table, start with a lovely embroidered top cover, then use accents such as pretty china teacups & saucers to hold a single bloom or tea light. Buy some good old fashioned luggage tags (or make them yourself), decorate them and tie them to the handles as quirky place name holders. For table centres – buy or hire tiered china or glass cake stands, candlesticks & vases or white birdcages, and use them to set the scene. Remember cake stands don’t always have to hold cake – place a beautifully wrapped favour for each guest on the tiers, mixed with some lovely flowers & strings of pearls. Bird cages are really adaptable too – fill them with feather butterflies, a floral arrangement, or battery operated fairy lights with some matching feathers or baubles – use your imagination!

vintage bird cage

In place of traditional favours, another unusual idea is the good old fashioned sweet shop, sometimes known as a ‘Candy Bar’. Think back to the corner shop with the penny sweeties when you were young – this can be recreated on a side table at your venue with glass jars and bowls, metal scoops and spoons, and a stack of striped paper bags, cones or favour boxes – all ready for your guests to help themselves to a selection of sweeties (find them in your local supermarket or cash & carry). This is just as popular with the adults as the children and to finish off, you can hire a traditional ice-cream tricycle to impress your guests and make the day even more memorable!

vintage candy bar

Choosing a vintage theme will also allow you to involve older relatives and your future family-in-law in the planning for your big day – ask around for help with sourcing china and teapots, table covers and napkins. You will be astounded at the goodies that emerge from sideboards and china cabinets – and will lose track of how many times that you are told that ‘tea always tastes better out of a proper china cup’!

vintage tea set

Enjoy your planning, and remember that when you create your own vintage style, you are making your day unique, special and very personal to you.

A big thanks to Fiona Hogwood at the Green Cockatoo for her fabulous guest post! Good luck creating your vintage theme – if you need any more info or suggestions then please visit or become a fan on her facebook page!

Fun Wedding Decorations – Chalkboards & Candy Buffets


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Following on from the success of Gemma’s first guest post on Vintage Wedding Decorations, I was keen to get her to write another on the latest way to inject some fun into the decoration of your venues. There are loads of sites offering ideas and inspiration to help with this and Gemma has kindly put together some of the latest items she has available to help in your mission!

So, drum roll……Gemma!

At The Wedding of my Dreams we’re always on the lookout for fun new wedding trends and ideas for wedding table decorations. Our aim to help inspire you with ideas and decorations which will help make your day that little bit different form everyone else’s.

The best part about my job has to be going out and searching for new, individual or unusual wedding decorations. So when the Wedding Inspirer asked if I wanted a spot on her blog I couldn’t help but share my two favourite trends with you.

The first are our blackboard inspired buckets and signs. Perfect for brides having a black and white wedding theme or brides who just want to add a bit of fun, quirkiness and individuality to their day.

blackboard table numberblackboard table number

The blackboard wedding table signs are a great way to number your tables, they come on a stick so can either be placed in your table centre piece or put them in their own little jar or pot. I think they look extra cute in the little terracotta pots!

And you don’t have to stop there; they could add a lovely touch to your thank you bouquets as well.

blackboard table number

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your tables then these buckets might be for you. They have a little blackboard on the front, ideal for your table numbers or table names. They’d make a great little present for young bridesmaids or pageboys as well, write their names on the front and fill with presents and goodies to keep them entertained!

blackboard bucket

My next favourite trend is just one I had to get involved with! Sweetie tables, or candy bars for all you American readers. I’ve seen a few weddings with them and just love the idea of setting up a traditional old fashioned sweet shop in the corner of the room – Mr and Mrs Candy Shop!

So when I stumbled across these gorgeous sweetie jars I knew we had to have them on The Wedding of my Dreams. Old fashioned glass sweetie jars will help create the look of a traditional sweet shop at your wedding. Each glass jar come with a lid one reads British Digestive Biscuits and the other English Quality Confectionery.

Sweetie Table Jar Confectionery

To complete the sweetie table and perhaps add some height we have vintage tiered cake stands and glass jars with hearts.

three tired vintage cake standglass heart jar for candles or sweets

And don’t forget the silver sweetie scoops for that traditional sweetie shop feel, you could even use the blackboard signs as sweetie labels!

Silver Sweetie Scoop for Candy Barblackboard table number or sign

Unfortunately all these jars come empty! But that’s the fun part, now you can go out sweetie shopping and relive all those childish moments!


Thanks again Gemma – another fab post.

To see more of The Wedding of My Dreams range or buy any of the decorations above, visit

Will you be having Chair Covers at your wedding?


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As you already know from previous posts, I car share to work with a boy. A boy who also gets married next year and talks about weddings (well, mainly wedding budgets) way more than I do.

One fine morning on the way to sunny Livingston, he happened to mention that he needed to get chair covers for his wedding venue. Hence, I pose the question – are chair covers really necessary for a wedding?


I know we won’t be getting them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I think our venue is simply stunning and I don’t think we need to do much in the way of “dressing the venue”. The hall is quite intricate and has high ceilings, a fabulous balcony and pillars already decorated in fairy lights. Secondly, I can’t think of a wedding where I have noticed the wedding covers and therefore believe it is money that we don’t need to spend from our already squashed budget.

That said, I suppose I don’t think that chair covers are strictly necessary – however I guess it does depend a lot on where you are having your wedding reception and what the chairs in that reception look like – or will look like come your special day.

There are many companies that specialise in venue dressing and it is well worth comparing prices and quality of the chair covers. If you are going down this route then there are loads of choices available;

  • Sashes/Ribbons can be changed to match in with your chosen colour theme


  • Flowers can be added for an additional finishing touch – gerberas look particularly pretty and sit well!


  • Instead of a full chair cover, why not have a simple finish with a ribbon and some lavendar or a thistle (perfect for country or garden weddings)


  • Tie your place names in the ribbon for that additional detail
  • Go all out and get chair covers that are a bit more unusual

black and white chair coversunusual chair covers

I’m sure there are loads more ideas – so feel free to share. I guess all that is left to ask is, will you be having chair covers on your wedding day?

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