Wedding Bouquet – Real, Artificial or No Flowers at all?


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When it comes to flowers, I’m neither here nor there.

Ofcourse I appreciate their beauty and the work that goes into making a well arranged bouquet or flower display, but given the hefty price tag associated with wedding flowers and decorating our venue I’d like to get excited about what I will be holding or what the guests will be looking at whilst sitting down to their dinner.

The first problem comes from not really knowing what I want. Having gone to see a lovely florist near my home, I was asked a series of questions;

  • What style of bouquet would you like?
  • favourite flowers?
  • Foliage?
  • Tall or short vases, square or round?
  • Throwing bouquet or are you throwing your own?
  • Colour scheme?
  • Water, gel, coloured liquid or lights in the vases
  • Real or artificial flowers for everything

Now, I must admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for these types of questions. To be honest, I thought a bouquet was a bouquet. I wasn’t aware that there were several types – cascade, hand-tied, over-arm-posy (I did my research afterwards!). Nor was I aware that having artificial flowers was even an option (which, in my mothers eyes, it is not).

So, that got me to thinking. If artificial flowers were widely used, then there surely has to be other options out there too?! And ladies and gents – there is. May I present you with these;

button wedding bouquetwedding button bouquet

A button bouquet.

Impressive aren’t they? Would you use something other than flowers for your bouquet ot even table decorations?

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