Arriving to your Wedding in Style


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With all the recent press about the parents who were banned from sending their 11 year old to prom in a helicopter, it led me to thinking about the various methods of transport available in Glasgow to get me to the church on time.

The choices we have;

  • A limo, stylish and spacious (ideal for bigger wedding dresses). Ideal for feeling like a star on your special day!
  • VW Beetle (my ideal is the camper van), vintage and cool

VW Beetle

  • Horse Drawn carriage, perhaps the most traditional and fairytale method
  • Walking, I had suggested this, given that I plan on staying across the road from our chosen venue (have I mentioned our venue before?!) – however this was deemed unacceptable by my mother
  • Classic car – Waterside Cars (Glasgow) have a fantastic selection, my favourite is the Zepher Sedan, can imagine some great photo opportunities with a car like this!

zepher sedan

  • And of course a helicopter (although not sure Glasgow City Council or my budget would allow for this?!)

Have I missed any out? How are you arriving to your reception?

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