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It really is amazing the people you meet in good old twitter land. Every day I speak with people, none of whom I have ever met, but who know when I am having a good or bad day, whether I am on or off the diet wagon or the little secrets that I don’t like to share with folks I know will be at our wedding (there has to be some surprises, right?).

So, when I came across Sara’s blog, it was amazing just how similar our stories are. Both meeting in dodgy nightclubs, both together for numerous years before getting married, both got engaged last christmas. And then, Sara told me about her intention to have a green wedding. Now there is a thought I hadn’t had – who knew there were such events!

Below Sara tells us about her wedding planning and gives some tips on how you can make your wedding green too!

“With everyone banging on about the level of recycling the UK should be doing to save the Ozone layer these days, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that weddings have been hit with the ‘Green’ bug too. Going ‘Green’ seems to be in fashion. When I started researching my own wedding a few months ago, I looked at the usual manor house/small castle venues that every little girl dreams of but none we saw were quite right…

Then we came across The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth which is a stone’s throw from our house!

green house hotel

It turns out the carpets are made from sheep in Salisbury, the wallpaper from students at Royal College St Martins in London and wardrobes made from local Ash trees which only fell during storms or felled by tree surgeons. All of these features make this hotel the ‘greenest hotel in the UK’ with awards to prove it. The thought that has gone into this £5m refurbishment is astonishing and made me think, what else is ‘Green’ these days?

Green Photographic based in Devon provide eco-friendly and affordable wedding photography. They offer digital services to cut the use of film and processing with harmful chemicals and recycle/re-use materials and hardware where possible. Not sure if I could cope with whipping out the laptop to show friends and family the wedding album every time they wanted to see a photo or two though!

Now favours are a whole other matter! It turns out you can have stylish, green and yummy favours that guests will appreciate! Check out Green & Black’s website for their miniature selections of organic chocolate bars wrapped in the ribbon colour of your choice. They come in gift boxes and with their own organic beers and wines if you are looking for a Thank You gift for the mums.

Or for the ‘Super Green’ wedding planners out there, you can have a tree delivered to your door! Citrus trees, Bay tress and Olive trees can be sent to the happy couple via Tree2mydoor.com and they also supply seed packets to use as guest favours.

wedding favour seeds

Now if we all use our common sense, any wedding could be made ‘Green’ by using local suppliers for food, drink, flowers and even wedding dresses. Key points include using the flowers in season but more importantly, ones that are found in the UK so no airmiles have been used to ship them over. If you’re using flowers in your church, see if someone can transport them to your reception venue too. It’s all about getting your money’s worth! And let’s face it, in a time where couples are trying to get the most out of their wedding budget, what better excuse is there than ‘going Green’?

So next time you’re sat in on a Friday night sewing together miles of bunting for your Vintage style marquee wedding with your other half moaning, you can say “But I’m saving the planet, dear!”.


Thanks for that Sara – very informative post! Your wedding venue looks stunning and I may “borrow” the idea of seeds as wedding favours!

Wonder if more people will go green or if the recent announcement of the royal wedding will be the start of some extravagent events. Exciting times lie ahead!

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Love the seed idea, would bring such fond memories as the flowers bloom symbolic of new life in the union. A marriage that will bring forth much fruit and beauty.

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