We Booked our Honeymoon!


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I travelled a lot before I met my other half, I loved travelling and was always looking forward to my next trip. Backpacking or living it up in a fancy hotel, it didn’t matter – I loved going on holiday.

The OH on the other hand, didn’t even have a passport when I met him. He was and still is happy just to have break from the daily grind. Since we met, we haven’t travelled half as much as I would like – but one thing we do agree on, is that we aren’t the type of couple who could spend a fortnight on a beach. So far our holidays involve wandering, seeing the sights, getting lost in the unknown, stopping for coffee or ice cream and sampling the local tipple.

One place, we haven’t been or that I never made it to was New York. So that is exactly where we are heading……NEW YORK!!

6 days on our own. The first week of December, when all the christmas decorations are up and we have even more of an excuse to shop.

I can’t wait.

Empire state, Rockerfeller, Broadway, Ice skating in central park, a trip to Tiffany’s, wandering in Greenwich village, time square and a trip down fifth avenue………..how darn exciting!!

Only 6 months to go – but first, the wedding!

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Plus Serendipity for the Frozen Hot Chocolate…blooming amazing! x

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