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So, you’ve made your decision and your wedding photographer is booked. Excellent.

If you are anything like me though, you may sit pondering how you can get photos like those we all see (and possibly drool over) in wedding magazines or blogs. You know the ones, where everything looks perfect, the couple never have double chins and instead look completely beautiful for the whole day. Well today, the wonderful photographer that is Katherine Ashdown gives us some advice on how to get the best from your photographer – listen up, it’s all very good advice!

“So you have managed to secure the photographer of your dreams for your big day – phew! You can now sit back and relax… well not quite!

It is your photographer’s job to make the magic happen and get gorgeous shots of you and you family on the day, after all that’s why you choose them; but there are some things you could think about to help him/her create that magic!

  • Light – Every photographer loves natural light and it is something that we are looking for constantly! Have a think abut your venue, by no means am I suggesting to change your venue but have a think about how you make your arrangements. Do you have a choice of bridal suite – if so choose the lightest room! Have you chosen to have your ceremony facing the window or away from it?  The more natural light your photographer has the better your images so just keep it in mind when making important decisions.

  • Don’t be in a hurry – ladies love getting ready, don’t we? On your wedding day you may have given yourself an abundance of time to get ready but bear in mind you will also be having fun, having some champers or advising your mum on which hat to wear! Leave plenty of time to put your dress on and ideally a few minutes to have some shots on your own and with your Dad/Mum Bridesmaids just before the ceremony. These shots are always amazing as the excitement and atmosphere shine through!

  • Look for your photographer at key moments – This is a big one, I always say to my Brides don’t get out of the car at the ceremony until you see me! As a photographer it is our job to be in the right place at the right time and we will, but it is always worth being mindful that you photographer is there during the key moments of your day.

  • Talk to the Vicar/Registrar – Vicars and Registrars have strict rules about what a photographer can do during a ceremony. Most photographers will speak to the vicar just before the ceremony and be well seasoned with the general rules.  But it is always worth knowing these yourself so that during the rehearsal you can be sure that the photographer will be able to get the key shots on your day without being obstructed.

  • Allow enough time for your group and couple shots – To do group and couple shots between your wedding ceremony and breakfast might take longer than you think. It is well worth asking your photographers advice to make sure that this part of the day is not rushed and you get the shots you want.

Thanks for that Katherine! Part 2 will be on the site tomorrow.

All photos used in this post are the work of Katherine Ashdown, to see more of this lady’s fabulous photography – please visit,

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Very informative post! As a photographer I find it refreshing that people write articles like this so that brides are informed and prepared! :)

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