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I hope you all found yesterday’s post on Getting the best from your Wedding Photographer useful. Today, Katherine gives us some more top  tips to help you get those perfect wedding shots!

Over to Katherine;

  • Have an Engagement Shoot – If this is something that your photographer does not include then I highly recommend you arrange one separately with them. I find that my couples are far more relaxed in front of the camera on their wedding day if you have already had a shoot with me and the more relaxed you are in front of the camera the better the images!

Engagement shootEngagement shoot

  • Brief bridesmaids and guests – This sounds strange and I am not suggesting you sit them all down and let them know what is expected of them but you will be surprised how many key people at a wedding have no idea how to act when a camera is on them.  If you are hoping for relaxed reportage photography, then we want to take shots of your guests being natural and having fun.  If you know your mum will shy away from the camera or your bridesmaid will grin at it at every opportunity it is worth asking them to try to ignore the camera on the day itself!

brides mum

  • Props and details – Most brides put a huge amount of thought in to the details, but occasionally I will attend a wedding that doesn’t quite have the wow factor in this area. Images of details are by no means essential but a little thought in to this area can get some stunning details shots that in an album will help tell the story of your day. Also have a think about props: Fun booths are now huge at weddings and props during your couple shots can really add to the magic. A love note you got the morning of the wedding, a little heart shaped chalkboard or a big colourful balloon can help make your images fun and modern.
  • Share your ideas – Photographers love nothing more than trying new things… and we always love to hear ideas that you may have and are usually very happy to give these a go. In the same vein, trust your photographer he/she is there to get amazing images for you, however odd you think the backdrop or the pose they have the final image in mind so give it a go!

brides mum

  • Show your love laugh and smile! – This is the most important, you would be surprised how many brides get through an unbelievably overwhelming day and have forgotten to smile and enjoy it! Especially during your couple shots HAVE FUN, kiss, laugh, hug, show your love and magic will shine through in your images!

I hope you found Katherines tips on getting the best from your photographer as useful as I did – bring on the camera!

All photos used in this post are the work of Kathering Ashdown Photography. Please visit to see some more of Katherine’s work!

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This is a great article – as was part 1. I think it’s so important to stress how important the role of the B&G is in creating amazing images. If you’re having fun (which you should be on your big day) then this really does come across in the finished images – trust me. Great tip about the props & details as well – as long as they’re there, we’ll find them, and they make great images especially when built into an album to tell the story of your day.

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