Lorna & Andrew – Oran Mor, Glasgow West End


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For the past couple of years, our Christmas party has been held in the fabulous Oran Mor. A gorgeous, recently renovated church in the heart of Glasgow’s West End, Oran Mor is a the perfect for a grand wedding or event. We have had some fantastic nights out there, great food, ideal location and a big dancefloor! It amazes me that some people still don’t know that it exists!

With it’s winding staircase up to the old church hall and impressive mural on the ceiling, Oran Mor really does offer couples their fairytale wedding setting.

As you may have guessed by now, I have a great love for fantastic photos and am delighted to share some more of Nick Kirk’s latest work at Oran Mor.


Impressive building, stunning bride – and some more amazing photography from Nick! I absolutely adore that last shot looking onto Oran Mor – tell us Nick how did you do it?!

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Thanks for publishing the pictures of Oran Mor, it’s a great venue which I am always trying to produce something slightly different with. Can’t tell you how I did the last image, it’s top secret but nobody was run down or cars damaged in the process.
Thanks again, Nick.

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