Why have an Engagement Shoot?


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I love looks at other peoples photos. It doesn’t matter how many they have, I just love looking at them. Dabbling in photography myself, I once shot a couples wedding – and I totally underestimated just how difficult it was. I didnt know the couple particularly well and found it really hard to encourage and co-ordinate them all. Back then though, engagment shoots were unheard of (at least in my amateur state!).

Wills from William Wilson photography helps explain what is involved in an engagement shoot, and perhaps helps us understand why they are so important. Over to you Wills;

Everyone who has been engaged will know how much the first photograph of you as a couple means. At the time it was probably just a quick snap taken by a friend but that memory has been immortalized and usually ends up in your family album. Having photographs of you both alone together becomes a rarity, unless of course you are a dab hand with a self timer or have really long arms to snap you both together!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a collection of fphotographs, just of you, looking at your time as a newly engaged couple, a time when new memories are made, the time before your family lives fully evolve and that first stage of your life together drifts into fond memories.

The days of the standard couple together photograph is long gone. Photo shoots are a time to have fun and get some photographs that show you having fun. We have been doing fun engagement photo shoots for a while but very few people understood the concept. With that in mind, this year we ran a competition to let people see how much fun an engagement photo session can be – and here are some of the results;

William Wilson Photography

This selection of photographs of Kimberly and Steven were taken at the height of the Edinburgh Festival, jam packed with people and a tremendous buzz all around them – the results are fantastic!

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Normally people feel shy in front of the camera, that’s where my approach is to roll with the flow, bring the couple out of their comfort zone by placing them wthin a crowd. Soon it becomes easier, and the photographs and the poses more natural,  the kisses become real (I make sure they practice a lot). The photographs aren’t real – who stands on the road letting buses whizz past, climbs onto a container or jumps for joy in front of the Balmoral?! Truth be told, no-one, but there you have it Kim and Steven never thought they would either – and look at the results.

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Being romantic is a trait borrowed from our continental friends, pinching a flower from the park is the closest we get to being almost naughty (well it kind of is naughty and shouldn’t be encouraged, so guy’s buy a nice rose and save me from my brushes with the parky!).

William Wilson PhotographyWilliam Wilson Photography

Engagement shoots are an ideal chance to see if you connect with your photographer. They can help put you at ease on your wedding day, knowing that you are going to get those relaxed, natural and funky photographs you wanted and have already worked with your photographer to achieve.

To see more of my engagement photographs just head over to my website at www.williamwilsonphotography.co.uk. Remember when having your shoot it’s all about you as a couple, and the easiest way to get the photos you want, is by having fun!

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I too love looking at photos of weddings etc and these are fabulous. a real talent to capture such moments with style & simplicity.

Thanks for sharing

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