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Without a doubt, this has to be one of the best weddings I have EVER attended. Not only did I get to watch Fiona plan the entire wedding, but I got to attend and see all her hard work roll out into what can only be descirbed as an AMAZING day!

It was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the venue was stunning and as per usual Fiona was fashionably late! Check out the photos below, by Duke Photography.


I asked Fiona why her and Chris chose Balbrinie? A silly question considering it has won several awards as a superb wedding venue!

“We wanted to get married and have our reception in the same venue – our rather large guest list meant that options in Scotland were a bit limited. We didn’t want to stray too far for people, so gave ourselves an hour radius from our doorstep. Balbirnie was recommended by a few friends, and after looking at a few rather disappointing venues closer to home, we decided to take a drive through to Fife to check it out. Bowled over by the amazing presence of the building and the beautiful drive up to it – I instantly imaged myself in the wedding car on our wedding day. As soon as we saw the inside and enjoyed an amazing lunch (and wine!) we knew it was the place. On the day it completed exceeded our expectations – the team were absolutely fantastic and we couldn’t have wished for anything more from a venue.”

balbirnie housefiona and chris

On walking up the aisle Fiona says “I felt amazing – which was totally unexpected. The day before at our rehearsal we did a practice run with my bridesmaids and my dad and I was totally terrified. I was at the point of tears on more than one occasion and kept saying “I can’t do it, I can’t do it”. Not the wedding part – just the walking up the aisle! But on the day itself it was great – after a few stresses in the morning I was just delighted to be there and being able to see all of my family and friends in the one room was such a lovely feeling. And when I seen Chris and how happy he looked it meant I had a massive cheesy grin on my face the entire walk up.”

And that was certainly true!

fiona and chris

Fiona and Chris planned the whole wedding together.

“The best bit as soppy as it sounds was actually planning everything together! I really believe that us both being so involved meant that we became closer as a couple – and our family and friends in the process. The worst bit was probably either the table plan or budgeting. It’s so difficult when you start out trying to budget for something when you have absolutely no idea how much things cost! And the table plan was just a complete logistical nightmare.”

fiona and chris 2

Any nice pressies?

“People were incredibly generous and we had the most amazing honeymoon, so everyone that contributed to this helped that greatly.  I’d have to say though that the support from my amazing Mum in particular and our wider families and friends over the past year and on the day itself was invaluable.

fiona and her mum

Best memory from the day?

“Oh god this is a hard one! There are so many honestly. Waking up in the morning and having breakfast with my closest girls and my mum and being pampered by hairdressers and a make up artist was such a great start to the day – but I’d probably have to say initially seeing Chris, being pronounced Mr & Mrs Robertson for the first time were right up there too. If I had to pick one moment though it would be right at the end of the night, when the band played “Auld Lang Syne”. Chris and I were in the middle of a circle – every single guest in the room was up on the dance floor around us and everyone looked so happy and just let loose with the dancing. I remember stopping for a second, looking round the room and just thinking how perfect our day was. I’ll remember that moment forever.”

fiona and oli

Fiona says that sticking to the budget was definitely one of the hardest things to do! The couple began by building a spreadsheet with every item on it that we would need to pay for, and tried to come up with a budget for each section. A lot of things were difficult to stick to, but ultimately the best way to stick to the overall bottom line is to prioritise. What’s really important to you? If like Chris and I, a wedding cake is a great to have but not something you want to pay £700 for then don’t pay £700!

fiona and chris

And so the couple are married! And the best bit about it?

“Just being married! It’s great to finally call Chris my husband rather than “partner” – I never quite got used to the whole fiancé thing! And for the first time in two years being able to come home, relax and not have to look at a spreadsheet and worry how to pay for everything! It was all 100% worth it though just to finally be Mrs Robertson.”

Congratulations again you guys and thanks for a fantastic day!

All photo were provided by Duke Photography.

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