Louise & Neil – Dunkeld Cathedral, Perthshire

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Another fabulous Scottish wedding to share with you -this time the lovely Louise and her husband, Neil.

The couple got married at Dunkeld Cathedral, an impressive church in Perthshire.

So why did the couple chose the cathedral to get married?
It was actually the first place Neil and I met. My Mum had a lodge at the Hilton in Dunkeld and Neil’s parents who were friends of my parents came to visit one summer and brought their 4 children, so that became the day I met Neil.


We definitely didn’t hit it off that day but 13 years later when we decided to get married we knew there was only one place we wanted to do it. We’d spent a lot of time in Dunkeld during our 5 year relationship and we loved the Hilton and the cathedral so we never even looked at anywhere else!


I love this photo – a gorgeous cathedral and the entourage of kilted Scotsmen! A true Scottish wedding indeed!

For those who have had their wedding day, the tip that seems to get passed on, is savour every minute – take time to take it all in. So what memories stand out for Louise?

I have so many but the stand out memories are: coming back into the main body of the cathedral after signing the register to Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered with all our family and friends smiling at us and clapping; going back to the hotel from the cathedral on a boat, just Neil and I, in the absolute peeing rain; and being piped into dinner – it was the first time I had seen the marquee and everyone was there and were clapping and cheering, it was amazing.

Nicola Bald Photography

On planning the wedding, Louise adds “I might be the only bride to say this but it was over so quickly – and I don’t mean the day. The planning took hardly any time, mostly because we knew almost exactly what we wanted for everything so it was really easy. I wished it had taken longer, although I’m glad we only had 11 months between getting engaged and getting married, otherwise I could have doubled what we spent. Time on my hands just left me looking at “little extras” for the wedding day!”

NB Photography

With loads of presents, it wasn’t possible to pick a favourite. We appreciated every single one of them because a lot of people had travelled long distances just to attend our wedding and it all adds up! If I had to name one either the silver champagne flutes that my brother (who was also the best man) and his fiance bought us – they are inscribed with our names and the date – or the picture my Mum bought us of the cathedral. It’s a gorgeous watercolour and is a constant reminder of such a special place.


Although we were only in the cathedral for 45 minutes, I came out feeling like Neil and I were a family, I never thought I would feel that unless I had children, but we, just the 2 of us, are now a family.

Congratulations again folks!

All photos were taken by Nicola Bald Photography. For more info, please visit Nicola’s website : www.nbphotos.co.uk

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