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Last night was the wedding reception of Carolyn and Billy! A fabulous night was had by all, Carolyn got to wear her dress one more time. And boy did it look stunning! Billy didn’t look too bad either, well at the beginning of the night at least. And today, well today my head hurts – a two year old and a delicate mother with a slight hangover simply dont mix.

Anyway, the subject at hand is Stumble on Sundays (and I am certainly stumbling today!). Here is a few fabulous people, creations or ideas that I have come across this week;

  • As a real tea genie, I loved the idea of these wedding favous;
  • tea wedding favours

  • Ok, so we all love Cadbury’s chocolate – but what about the purple wrapping? I think this plush purple theme is fantastic!
  • Modern day bridal jewellery courtesy of MishaMakes. This sweet little necklace is a bargain at £8, yep £8!!
  • swallow and pearl

  • And for those with extremely bad hayfever – another impressive faux flower bridal bouquet, and matching boutonieres!
  • artificial bouquet

  • Freya Colette is clearly amazing. With vintage bouquets, corsages and wedding accessories that all look amazing – how can anyone pick just one? My favourite is this;
  • butterfly tiara

  • And the final stumble goes to ; BeadFloraJewels for her unusual headpieces and hair combs
  • hair comb

    Seems like I stumbled a lot this week – hope you find something useful.

    If you are looking for something particular and can’t seem to find it, then please get in touch, I like a challenge!

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