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Another weekend, another busy one! Yesterday we had the inlaws down and then a birthday party in the evening – and today we are just heading out to a christening, so apologies for the fast and furiousness of this post!

Here are these “best of” wedding related items that I stumbled across this week;

  • My Pretty Little Things has some lovely birdcage veils. These seem to be cropping up in a few places, so perhaps a big fashion trend for next year (am I now becoming a trendsetter by making such a statement?) alongside the increasingly popular shorter wedding dress
  • Perhaps not the purpose it was intended for, but this piece of art would look great with a few signatures and comments on it dontcha fink? Perhaps another alternative on the traditional guest book or signing frame;
  • Wedding Guest Signing Frame

  • The sale started yesterday. Well worth checking out!
  • Have you thought about what you will hold your make up and any essentials in on your wedding day? Well, luckily those Irregular Choice folk have kindly given us this (and it’s a bargain at £35!);
  • irregular choice bag

  • I know a few guys who would love to have K.I.T.T driving them to their wedding! Star Car Hire have loads of famous cars from TV and films at various locations across the UK. Ooooh decisions decisions.
  • A romeo and juliet, come rock n’roll inspired guest book, and some unusual ways to incorporate the lucky sixpence by Jupiter Rocks
  • This personalised ceramic plaque would make a great little wedding gift;
  • wedding plaque

And so, I must dash. It’s time to go celebrate with baby Menna and her family. Just read my last post so got cake stuck in my head again. Yummy christening cake. Mmmm.

As always, I hope my stumbles lead you to something useful.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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I really love to photograph birdcage veils, with a really fast lens they look stunning!

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