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This week seems to have flew by in a bit of a haze. On Wednesday I finally joined the gym again – the wedding is now exactly a year away, the baby is now 2 years old and the time has come to get back in shape.

I say that like I was at one point in shape, which isnt really true – but I did frequent the gym and felt better for doing so, so hopefully that feeling will come again. Since Wednesday I have been 3 times (including 8.30 this morning, a Sunday morning!!), it is really hard going and I realise just how unfit I am. Time for change.

Diet chat aside, here are the fabulous wedding related topics and treasures I stumbled upon this week;

  • At a wedding reception on Friday night, the couple danced their first dance to Viva Las Vegas – having been married there a couple of weeks previous and that reminded me of this fabulous photo over at Archibald Photography – makes you really think about preparing some hot dance moves!
  • I don’t wear much jewellery, but for the wedding I would love something slightly different that I will wear again – this piece by Ali Bali jewellery is right up my street;

angel wings necklace

  • Halloween is coming up, and if you are using this as inspiration for your wedding theme, or just looking for some photo booth costume ideas – how about these masks by Lupin Handmade?

moustachesnake mask

  • I’m not entirely convinced that wedding favours are necessary, but they are nice – and these little decorations would be lovely with all your guests initials (or even just for the ladies if you are trying to keep costs down!)

star decorations

  • It’s always good to know that your troubles and concerns are the same as other brides to be – to help keep your sanity, Any other wedding is a fantastic blog to read – truthful and honesty and perfect to sit down on your tea break!
  • Finding something for my hair is proving difficult. I’m not really much of a bling person – but I do love pearls – how goregous is this headband by JMGJewelDesign

vintage headpiece

  • Or this stunning Vintage comb by Croska;

vintage comb

  • It’s always great to see some really unusual wedding invitations, Sugalilly offer some quirky designs – all nice and brightly coloured like this Circus design;

circus invitations

That’s all for now folks. Hope you stumbled across something useful.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.


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