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When it comes to organising a wedding most bride and grooms will have a list of important things to think about. The venue, cake, the dress, cars – the list is endless!

What about the bit where you say your vows? It’s not often you come across a blog about wedding ceremonies themselves – surely that”s because you don’t have much choice?


The wedding ceremony is the main focus of your day, the reason everyone is there in the first place. Nowadays it’s not simply a choice between a church or a registrar – there are lots of opportunities to do things your way!

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With internet a major player in daily lives, more and more brides are turning to wedding blogs to see who’s doing what for their big day. The only part of the wedding industry falling behind is the ceremony itself, yet couples are desperate to make their day stand out. One way to do this is to make the ceremony really unique and personal.

    So how can you make your wedding ceremony personal?

  • For a church ceremony the script is pretty much set in stone but you could include a reading or song you like;
  • By choosing a civil wedding performed by a registrar you may be allowed to personalise your vows (see below) and perhaps include some non-religious readings as well.

Luckily if you want to take it a step further and personalise the whole ceremony there are some excellent companies who provide just the thing!

One such company is One Life Ceremonies. Taking their time to find out what you want in your ceremony, One Life Ceremonies can help guide you through the various possibilities. This means that instead of fitting you into a standard script, they can help you write your own!

Below are some tips to help you piece together your ceremony.

  • Writing your own vows;

Write from the heart, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhythm or sound as poetic as you’d hoped for- the best vows are the ones that mean something to you as a couple! Have a look on the internet to get some ideas! Try answering questions such as;

What does marriage mean to you? What made you fall in love with your wife or hubby to be? What do you want to promise and commit to them?

  • Choosing Readings;

Choose any reading you like. from a traditional wedding poem to a modern rhyme or the words of a song you both love! If you don’t have a particular favourite, there are hundreds of poetry sites on the internet to help you find something ‘just right’.

If you would like someone in particular to do a reading such as your bridesmaid or best man it’s worthwhile asking them to choose something, this gives them the opportunity to say the words that they want and will be done with much more sincerity if they have chosen them themselves.

If you are lucky enough to have someone with a way with words you could ask them to prepare something – this is a really wonderful way to make your wedding really personal.

For more help on holding a personal wedding ceremony, contact

Written by Laurra Nalty

Aisle Be Walking To The Sound Of?


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You arrive at your venue, you are in your dress and about to walk up the aisle to greet your soon to be other half – but how do you choose the music to get you there?

After attending an amazing wedding recently (Fiona & Chris Robertson at Balbirnie house, Fife!), we have chosen to have a humanist ceremony. Slightly less traditional (which suits us!), it allows us to incorporate a bit more of our personalities into what is essentially the formal part of our wedding day – and one way we plan on doing this is with music.

Not quite as off the wall as this couple but perhaps not as traditional as the beautiful pachelbel canon d, I have it in my head that I will walk up the aisle to this (song only known to those who care enough to listen!). A favourite of both myself and my H2B that will hopefully have people singing (most likely humming) as I walk, that long walk, up the aisle.

The song in itself isn’t particularly unusual, however the lovely ladies over at, gave me some further food for thought. A keen singer and guitar player (remember the wannabe rock star) – wouldn’t it be quite unsual if the groom himself were to play the guitar……

What do you think? Would this be the perfect start to our perfect day?

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