Pre-Wedding Shoots & their importance!


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A while back, there was an article on Wedding Inspiration about the importance of having a pre wedding shoot with your wedding photographer. We still haven’t scheduled ours yet, but given that we are both a little camera shy, even though the thought fills me with dread, I know that it will be worthwhile.

Below the fabulous Wilson McSheffrey share with us one of their latest pre wedding shoots and remind us once again why it really does make sense to have a shoot before your big day!

“A couple of weeks ago Andrew met up with Iona and Ian, who are due to marry this weekend in Edinburgh. During their meeting Andrew had a wee pre-wedding practice shoot with them both.  It is easy to under estimate the value of doing a pre-wedding shoot, especially with all the last minute preparations for the wedding day itself making finding time difficult. But as Iona admitted herself it took a while for herself and Ian to warm up to the camera and with the photography being such a big part of the wedding day, it can really help shake off any nerves before the day itself, especially if you are not used to posing and are feeling apprehensive about it.

Ian Iona pre wedding shootIan Iona pre wedding shoot

Here at Wilson | McSheffrey the pre-wedding shoot is included in all our packages, so comes at no extra cost and as a bonus you also get a great set of informal portraits!”

Ian Iona pre wedding shootIan Iona pre wedding shoot


Remember there is still time to enter Wilson McSheffrey’s photography competition – simply visit here for details!

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I’ve never heard of that before but it makes so much sense. I would say for the photogenic individuals out there it is probably not a big deal but for those of us (like myself) that are not naturally comfortable in front of the camera this is a great idea and well worth it. Great idea!

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