Rain Rain, Go Away – It’s My Wedding Day

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Yesterday it started snowing again. Great huh? March and snow. They simply shouldn’t go. Anyway it got me to thinking that living in Scotland and chosing to get married in October, I should expect that at some point – it most likely will rain on my (our) wedding day. Some would like you to believe that this is in fact good luck – the superstition says that it will result in many children, erm ok. For me, as long as it doesn’t result in make up running down my face, my dress getting covered in mud and my perfectly styled hair falling over my face (well, I can dream)…..then I can cope.

Unfortunately, regardless of how well you plan, there is no controlling the weather. For most, I doubt we want to don our winter coats so instead, splash out on a little bolero to keep the shoulders covered and an ever important umbrella to protect your hair and make up.

feather capelace shrug

frilly wedding umbrellapurple umbrellaheart umbrellalace capelet

Ok, I am aware that the bolero/cape isn’t likely to protect you from heavy rainfall, but they were too pretty not to include don’t ya think?

Top capes are courtesy of www.monsoon.co.uk
Frilly and Purple Wedding Umbrella : www.brolliesgalore.co.uk
Heart Umbrella : www.modcloth.com
Lace Cape : www.etsy.com

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