Our Scrumptious Wedding Cupcake Baker

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The Scrumptious Baker to you and Emma to me.


A friend, I have known Emma for over 10 years. We went to uni together and more recently worked together. And now, well, now we are taking it one step further and Emma will be THE official baker at Our Wedding next October.

What started off as an infrequent lunchtime treat (salad at Greens Gym) soon became a manicly obssessive visit to Costas for cake and coffee (yep, daily, yep, a stone heavier as a result). Then was the incessent searches online for cupcake bakers, their wonderous creations and finding all the little treasures that they choose to decorate their cupcakes with! And there are a lot of cupcake bakers. Some good, others, well others maybe less so.

Emma has been an enthusiastic baker for a while, but of late, she has perfected her techniques and for the most part now delivers greatness.

So, is she up for the challenge of baking and decorating 120 cupcakes, 120 favours and delivering to St Andrews in the Square on time for the wedding at 2pm on the 8th October 2011. I believe so, and I also believe that they will be her best tasting yet (high hopes for you here Emma – no pressure ofcourse!).

Have a look at what Emma has been keeping busy with so far!

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