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It amazes me the questions people ask when you book that big day. I mean, you book the venue, it’s a massive decision, but you make it. And then, well then comes the barrage of questions surrounding tiny (or maybe not so tiny) details.

Have you got a dress? Erm, no we just booked the venue.
Will Chris wear a kilt? Erm, probably, but we only just booked the venue.
Are you going to invite great aunt suzie from Canada? Erm, yeah sure.
What colour scheme are you going for? A colour. Check.

And so, the list goes on. Different strokes for different folks, but apparently I should know the answers to all!

Luckily enough – I know the answer to the wedding cake. Cupcakes by the Scrumptious Baker. Done. Perfect (hopefully!). I knew that one straight away, after we tasted some of Emma’s cupcakes the decision was made. Easy!

But did you know – there is a MASSIVE choice when it comes to wedding cakes. I didnt. I thought it was fruit or sponge. White icing. Flowers or ribbon.

Nowadays in this crazy old world of personalisation – you can have what you want. It may not be traditional, but it can certainly be you!

Here are a few of my favourite options;

  • A cheese wedding cake. Some lovely cheese and crackers with a nice glass of wine, delightful!
  • cheese wedding cake

  • Indulge in yourself with a lifesize wedding cake. It’s like looking in the mirror;
  • lifesize wedding cake

  • A fun novelty cake;
  • Liquoise All Sorts

  • Macaroons anyone?
  • macaroon wedding cake

  • The aforementioned, Cupcake tower;
  • wedding cupcake tower

    They all look yummy! Which one will you chose?

    As always, if there are any I have missed, then please let me know and I will add them to my list.

    And so, it’s time to get ready and go for some cake, I mean lunch.

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