Be amazed – Paper Wedding Cake Topper

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When it comes to personalising the wedding details, I love stumbling across the treasures (wonderfully talented folk) who appear on Etsy.

Cake toppers, to me, were relatively simple. Generally a man and woman probably made of icing on top of the cake or even simpler, some flower arrangement that ties in with your wedding colours/theme. All nice enough.

On Etsy however, there are numerous styles of cake toppers. Animals dressed as the bride and groom, love birds, fancy feather like assortments, swarovski initials- and cake toppers made of paper.

Yep, paper.

Shouldn’t be exciting should it? Take a look at the amazing Wedding Cake toppers on display, courtesy of Concarta.

Concarta Wedding Topper

And even though it is relatively expensive at $100, it’s unique, custom made – and pretty damn impressive eh?!?!

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