Will you be having Chair Covers at your wedding?


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As you already know from previous posts, I car share to work with a boy. A boy who also gets married next year and talks about weddings (well, mainly wedding budgets) way more than I do.

One fine morning on the way to sunny Livingston, he happened to mention that he needed to get chair covers for his wedding venue. Hence, I pose the question – are chair covers really necessary for a wedding?


I know we won’t be getting them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I think our venue is simply stunning and I don’t think we need to do much in the way of “dressing the venue”. The hall is quite intricate and has high ceilings, a fabulous balcony and pillars already decorated in fairy lights. Secondly, I can’t think of a wedding where I have noticed the wedding covers and therefore believe it is money that we don’t need to spend from our already squashed budget.

That said, I suppose I don’t think that chair covers are strictly necessary – however I guess it does depend a lot on where you are having your wedding reception and what the chairs in that reception look like – or will look like come your special day.

There are many companies that specialise in venue dressing and it is well worth comparing prices and quality of the chair covers. If you are going down this route then there are loads of choices available;

  • Sashes/Ribbons can be changed to match in with your chosen colour theme


  • Flowers can be added for an additional finishing touch – gerberas look particularly pretty and sit well!


  • Instead of a full chair cover, why not have a simple finish with a ribbon and some lavendar or a thistle (perfect for country or garden weddings)


  • Tie your place names in the ribbon for that additional detail
  • Go all out and get chair covers that are a bit more unusual

black and white chair coversunusual chair covers

I’m sure there are loads more ideas – so feel free to share. I guess all that is left to ask is, will you be having chair covers on your wedding day?

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I was dead against them for all the reasons you mention – unnecessary cost etc. then 2 weeks before the wedding a friend’s mum cut me a fab deal and I had to have them! They were the best spent pounds of the wedding, the transformation was unbelievable, I wish I had enough money for the evening chairs to be covered as well (200 more guests = expensive!)

The room looked like a fairytale and it was the chairs that did it. I loved it I really did.

However, our room was quite modern and plain so I think they looked great, I’ve seen them in old manor houses with lots of character and they just don’t fit in.

I still thoroughly recommend them though!

I just had to comment on this post. I am a wedding planner and also a bride-to-be. I personally dislike chair covers and would much rather spend a bit extra or sometimes less and hire in the actual chairs.

I have not fully decided whether to hire chairs for our wedding or use the chairs provided by the venue but either way, I will not be hiring chair covers.

P.S. I love the white wooden chair with the lavender :)

L x

I was told by someone who worked in a popular hotel venue that some guests even put their coats over the backs of the chairs thus making chair covers even more of a waste of money. Each to their own though.

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