Can a diet really be this pleasing?

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Generally I suckĀ  at diets. I have a good week, think I can eat whatever I like again and that’s the cycle, week in, week out.

For some reason though, last week I didn’t do that. After my post on Diet Chef and how it works and the fact that I still had a cupboard full of their yummy food and didn’t need to go food shopping, it made sense just to keep going.

Two whole weeks of meals that are pretty darn good (I’m excluding the mixed bean salad here, that wasn’t my cup of tea) and I am still finding it ok, actually, better than ok – enjoyable! This wedding diet could be “the one”.

So, how did I do this week? 2lbs off.

2 weeks, 7lbs down and more importantly not remotely interested in giving up! AWESOME…..roll on week 3.



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