My Wedding Dress Diet – Week 1


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Last Tuesday I started a diet (aka Operation 50).

A diet, which all going according to plan will see me lose 50lbs (big number!) come our wedding day.


Everyone seems to start on some form of healthy eating/living/get fit in January, so it seemed like the perfect time to commence my challenge. You see, in my wardrobe hangs my wedding dress, a dress which at present does not fit. And boy do I want it to fit. It is the only wedding dress I have tried on, and I loved it straight away. I will wear it.

Tonight was my first weigh in. I had been good all week, stuck rigidly to the diet and even avoided weighing myself in between.

The result?

I lost 8lbs! 8lbs in one week. Chuffed, I am.

apple crumble

Today however is also my birthday and so tonight I am allowing myself some apple crumble and cream as a treat (it’s my favourite). Tomorrow the diet resumes as normal.

Only 42lbs to go. Wish me luck – I may need it.

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That’s amazing! Well done on loosing so much in the first week! Keep up the good work!

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