Wedding Diet – Again.

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So, you know the score. Girl buys a wedding dress that doesn’t entirely fit, girl attempts to lose weight, girl fails.

Generally though, brides don’t buy them so small that some good underwear won’t fix the issue…..unlike me. I bought a dress a bit too small and so, for the last time, I am on a diet (not just healthy eating – proper strict diet), to make sure that I give it one last ditch attempt before I admit defeat and buy a new dress (ARGH!).

Week 1 is over, and I am pleased to say that I lost 10lbs. 10 massive lbs.

Unfortunately it was easter weekend and so I may have put on a little due to the ridiculous amount of chocolate we got given.

Tomorrow is a new day and the diet starts again.  Next week, the jeans will be even less tight.

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