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A few weeks ago,  I arrived home from work to find a box (yep, a box) of wedding magazines at my door. A friend (you know who you are!!) had offloaded every magazine she had purchased, while planning her own wedding, onto me – or my stairs to be precise. Some had pages missing, others just snippets from a page – however there were still plenty of images for me to look at!

Until this point I had managed to avoid looking at/discussing wedding dress shopping – I have it in my head that I want to lose 56lbs before this event takes place (currently sitting at 35lbs!). From the magazines though, it appears that wedding dresses can be particularly expensive, amazingly beautiful, but expensive nonetheless.

And that’s when I came across this dress…

Phase Eight Wedding Dress

Phase Eight Wedding Dress

A bargain at £350. An amazingly beautifu, yet inexpensive wedding dress.


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Lovely dress! Think it’s great that the high street is stocking so many wedding lines, think there are brides these days that don’t want to spend thousands on a dress they (hopefully!) won’t wear again and it’s fab there are cheaper, but still elegant, dresses out there!

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