Children at Weddings – The Good, the bad & the extremely bored


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Children will most definately play a part in our wedding day.

Our son will be 3 by then. Already an infectious personality, I imagine he will look extremely cute in his kilt, have fun being the centre of attention (I’m willing to share!), and no doubt provide some comedy moments for our guests.

Not wanting him to be without kiddie company for the entire day, I do plan on inviting a few other kids (7 to be precise), of various ages ranging from 1-8. Yes, there may be some distruption at certain points- but I think that with some well thought out distactractions (I mean entertainment!), the key moments of our day needn’t be filled with awkward screeching or crying.

So far, here is what I have planned for keeping children entertained at our wedding;

  • Just before the ceremony begins, get one of the ushers to hand out some grapes and a carton of juice to the kids (we are putting on a show you know!)
  • Activity packs. Yellow Moon have some terrific and cheap craft sets, so I plan on having a craft corner during the drinks reception. Kids can paint their own piggy bank, make a mask, or even decorate their activity bag. Perhaps to make it slightly more interesting, we could even hand out small gifts (in the shape of their next distraction) at the speeches.
  • A kiddie corner. Our venue is pretty huge, and since both our wedding reception and meal will be in the one venue  I plan on having a little area cordoned off where the kids can lay down with some pillows and their blankets (just like nursery, except without the whale sounds). The parents will be able to see their kids and vice versa.
  • Childminder. Ideally, I’d like a couple of the girls from our son’s nursery to fill this roll (girls if you are reading this – bribes will commence nearer the date!)
  • Sweeties. We have the grown up buffet covered, but the rising popularity of candy buffets is perfect for the kids (and pretty yummy for us adults too)- a little sugary high to keep them from getting tired and cranky! have a great selection of goodies if you want to make your own.

Have I missed out anything important? Let me know if you have any other ideas, I’m sure this list will get a  lot longer over the coming year!

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We had quite a lot of kids at our wedding -20 to be precise and I hired a creche company for the day! They were brilliant and set up a play room for the kids and supervised them from before the ceremony to the end of the evening. That way the parents were able to really enjoy the wedding too and the kids had great fun!

Wow 20 kids Caroline – now that is a party!! Which creche did you use?

Cool ideas, but be careful with the grapes and juice, you don’t want them to get squished all over!

Too true Janna – maybe raisins would be a better option!

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