Getting into debt for your wedding?

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For me, the mortgage is all the debt we need. We save what we can each month and all going well should have enough for the things we need for our big day (and a little of what we “want”). In my mind, if we can’t afford it, then quite simply we wont be having it (although I can see how easy it is to get carried away!).

With that thought in mind, a budget is definately the best way for us to plan without going overboard. But what is the best way to get your dream day – without blowing your budget?

Well, here are a few ideas to help you along;

  • Negotiate, quite simply – if you dont ask, you wont get. If you love a particular venue then don’t be scared to ask what they can do to work within your budget. Whether it be chosing sparkling wine rather than champagne for the toasts or limiting the options on your dinner menu every venue will have been through it a dozen times before, so ask and you may be pleastanly surprised!
  • Flowers. Now we already know that to me flowers aren’t the be all and end all (although I have to admit that looking at recently blogged weddings, there are some pretty arrangements to be had). That said, any good florist will be able to advise you on the best way to keep costs down – bulking up with foliage or perhaps arranging a few “wow” factor displays rather than a whole host of average arrangements within your budget.

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  • DIY. No hammers involved (hopefully), but there are certain elements of your special day that YOU, yep you can get involved in.  Invitations for a start. So easy to replicate a good design and much cheaper (albeit time intensive).
  • High street versus wedding boutiques. Yes, you may miss out on the bridal shop experience – but as I have mentioned before – high street shops such as BHS, John Lewis, Monsoon, Coast and M&S all have great ranges and are ideal places to save some pennies (and for those brides to be who are super organised, hit the sales!)
  • Wedding Cake. For me, I’m lucky that Emma is offering a helping hand here, however if you don’t know a Scumptious Baker personally then have a look at M&S or Waitrose cakes. The undecorated varieties are really good value and there is nothing stopping you decorating them yourself, perhaps with the ribbon you used for your invitations or some flowers from the florist.
  • Photographers. For me the photographer is an extremely important part of any wedding day and an area I would probably splash out on, that said many photographers offer varying packages to suit all styles and tastes. Again, if you really like someones style ask to see what they can do for you!
  • Favours – aren’t really necessary but if you want to keep in tradition then why not make your own fudge or tablet and wrap them up pretty yourself or check out MarthaStewartsWeddings for some good cost saving ideas.
  • Talented friends, we all some. Whether it be musicians, craftmasters, artists or even just someone with a really cool car – ask them to help you with your special day and save some pennies along the way!

The money saving possibilities are endless if you are willing to invest a bit of time and effort (and perhaps be a tad bold!).

Please let me know of any other fab money saving ideas and I will update!

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