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I’m sure you all get bored of my ramblings, so today I have a little treat/something different for you! Lee from my work, a man who has been best man on numerous occassions (always the best man, so far never the groom) has written a little post on taking on that challenge. So, over to Lee;

Someone once said that being asked to be the best man is a little bit like being asked to kiss the Queen: it’s a great honour, but nobody wants to do it! This is largely derived from the best man duty of having to get up in front of a large crowd and toasting the bride and groom. There’s pressure on you to do it right and not mess up your friends  big day, but it needn’t be so difficult. Below are a few guidelines to help you on your way!


lyndsey goddard photography

Lyndsey Goddard photography


6-12 months before

  • Get fitted for suit/Kilt
  • Organise stag party
  • Help groom with any other duties

Weeks before

  • Write best man speech (more on this below)
  • Help groom get organised, tying up any loose ends such as collecting the rings
  • Offer reassurance and encouragement to the  groom as he will most likely be starting to get nervous

In the days before wedding

  • Pick up suits/Kilts for wedding
  • Attend wedding rehearsal
  • The night before make sure wedding cars will arrive on time
  • Not get too drunk with groom the night before wedding!

On the wedding way

  • Help the groom get dressed
  • Coordinate the ushers
  • Make sure the groom arrives at the wedding venue in plenty of time
  • Remember the rings
  • Sign marriage licence

Now it’s over to the hard part, writing and delivering a heartfelt and entertaining speech!


A great way of writing the speech is to split it smaller segments – a beginning, middle and then finally closing the speech down.

  • Start off by introducing yourself, as everyone in the room may not know who you are
  • To get people’s attention,  insert a quick joke early on
  • Thank the people hosting the wedding, traditionally the parents of the bride
  • If the bride and groom are paying for the wedding themselves, simply say, “We’re all delighted to be here today on this joyous occasion.”
  • Let’s get the formalities out of the way. If there are bridesmaids, say how pretty they are, the same goes for the bride.
  • Tell a funny story about the bride and/or groom (This is when the fun begins, how far to push it depends on the audience. I personally like to make them and all the grandmas’ blush. You should amend based on the audience)
  • Give your thoughts on love and marriage, tell the story of how they met (joke at this point works well)


  • Try not to talk too long as nobody wants to hear you ramble, but do give some interesting details
  • At all costs, avoid ex-girlfriend stories and keep it rated PG for kids and grandmothers in the room!
  • At all costs, avoid ex-girlfriend stories and keep it clean for kids and grandmothers in the room!
  • It’s often good to wrap up your toast with a wish, traditional toast, or blessing for the bride and groom. Raise your glass with a resounding congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs.


Once you have delivered a flawless best man speech its over to the dance floor with that silver tongue of yours to try your hand with the bridesmaids………..

Best of luck!



Typical man eh! If you have any questions or tips on how to be an even better best man – then please leave us a little comment.

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