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As far as I know (which isn’t very far), there are no hard and fast rules or traditions to be followed when naming your tables. Excellent.

Cue creativity.

So, what options are there? Should the table names hold some kind of meaning, should they fit within a theme?

table plan

I’ve heard of couples naming their tables after places they have visited together. Unfortunately for C and I, this isn’t likely. When I met him, he didn’t even have a passport. Shocker eh?! He can list the places visited on one hand.

That said, I suppose there are several places of meaning to us – place that we met, our first flat, first holiday or even places we plan on visiting. So perhaps places would be a good idea.

Or cocktails. Oh I like cocktails. But, C doesn’t. He likes whisky.

Favourite bands. Erm, we both have very different tastes when it comes to that – sure we like some of the same stuff – but C is a bit of a snob when it comes to music (although personally I think the fact that he spends most Saturday nights watching X-factor brings him down a notch or two).

table plan

Retro sweeties from our childhood – I mean, we are both children of the 80′s and there were some pretty darn good sweets. Sherbit dips, chelsea whoppers, dib dabs, space invaders. But does this seem to be getting done a bit much? It would be good to add in some sweeties on the table (oh I want sweeties now!)

Famous couples, ok so perhaps not entirely meaningful – but we all talk about celebs at some point don’t we?

Wow this is actually quite difficult.

Any unusual ideas or inspiration for our table names greatly appreciated!

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I really like the sweeties idea and putting some on each of the tables sounds even better. I’d want to be at the Caramac table!

I’d like to add this idea to our list ( if that’s OK with you?

Of course you can!

I used herb names for our table names. I put a pot of the herb on the table and then printed up a sign with its name. Simple, looked good and smelt gorgeous!!

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