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I’ve read a couple of posts recently talking about who should pay for what when it comes to a couples wedding. With the ever increasing costs associated with a wedding, I’m sure most couples would agree, that all help is greatly received, but I think it’s up to all concerned whether they would like to contribute.

I’ve heard of couples paying for the whole thing themselves whilst others follow the more traditional route where the bride’s father foots the entire bill. When you consider that the average wedding costs in excess of £15K, it’s a hefty bill for one person to be left with!

I must admit, we are extremely lucky and very thankful that my parents have offered to pay for a large portion of our wedding. With a house and a baby and a recently redundant groom to be, saving has taken a back seat for us at the moment, so my parent’s contribution will be massively helpful.

I would never expect them to pay for it all, it was our choice to get married and it was our choice to pick the beautiful St Andrews in the Square as our venue (and after seeing it, I’m sure you would agree!) – sure we could arrange to do things much cheaper – but we both only plan on doing it the once, and agree that we would rather get the day we wanted and have as many of our friends and close family that we can afford there.


When it came down to finalising a budget, we sat down together, excel and checklist at the ready and worked out what was most important to us. Weddings can be a money crazy time. With all the fabulous wedding decorations, fancy stationery and vintage wedding cars that are available, I can totally understand how couples spend obscene amounts on their wedding to make sure that each and every whim is catered for.

For us though, we do have a budget. And a pretty darn strict one at that. There are areas extremely important to us, and other details not so much. There are certain elements of the wedding that we will do ourself to save some cash and other decorations that we want to be involved in, simply beacause we can. There are some that would be lovely to do, but simply not high enough up the list to warrant spending cold hard cash on them.

And my point (I’m sure there was one when I started writing!), is that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to these things. Simple eh.

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I agree, there really isn’t a strict rule these days. I’ve even heard of fights where the groom or bride is estranged from their parents because they went for something huge and then expected their parents to foot the bill! I think it’s best to decide for yourselves who can afford what; personally we paid for it all ourselves, just because we didn’t want anyone else dictating our day, but our parents would have happily helped out if we’d asked.

Jees – why do weddings cause such conflict, its supposed to be about bringing people together!!

I don’t think people should ask their parents for help. We were extremely lucky in the sense that my parents offered to help out – we never had to ask, I’ve read articles on wedding budgets that tell you to sit down with both sets of parents to see who is willing to pay what – would never do that. If someone wants to offer help, then its entirely upto them – but to put someone in the position where they feel they must? That must be awkward!

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