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I sit on the fence when it comes to gift lists. I know some get offended whilst others think a gift list is a god send. You never can please everyone eh!

Long gone are the days were couples wait to be married before moving in together (ok, maybe not all couples – but a vast majority!). And so, the chances are they have all the towels or pots and pans they need.

So, as a bride and groom, what are the options?

Everyone loves ro recieve gifts and if it’s something you really want then even better. But as a guest, is it rude to be told what to buy? I mean, the chances are we were all likely to be buying something anyway, right? So doesn’t it make sense to get something that the couple want?

There are loads of different companies offering guest list services;

  • Major department stores, such as Debenhams and John Lewis – couples can chose the items they need for their home, or gift vouchers can be bought for items that want to purchase something larger
  • Honeymoon gift lists – Trailfinders and Honeymoney do these. The Trailfinders style, goes into a big pot whereas with Honeymoney, guests “buy” some part of your trip, such as tickets to a particular show, or dinner at a popular restaurant (personally I like the second a bit better, think it still seems a bit more personal).
  • Money, believe it or not, there are now sites, which aren’t exactly gift lists, but where guests can deposit money into a wedding fund. Ideal for those couples who already have everything they really need.

Personally, I don’t know what we will do for our wedding. I mean, I get the point of a wedding list, and I don’t see the harm in them myself, but then, I don’t really want to offend anyone either!

How do you feel about gift lists? Will you be having one?

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I didn’t send out any gift list info with my invitations as I think that is a tad offensive but I did make a small list at John Lewis and my mum gave the info out if anyone phoned her to ask what to get us. I thought this was a good way of getting stuff I wanted without being too cheeky!
My MIL however, does not worry what people think and just told everyone ” vouchers or money” lol!

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