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I’ve been super busy of late, super super busy. Being a full time working mum often leaves me with little spare time and it was this little time that I used to blog.

I got sucked into trying to keep up with the bigger blogs who update every day, trying to make sure I always had something to say about planning our wedding or the wedding industry as a whole. Then, well then I hit a stumbling block. I’m excited about our wedding – about becoming a MRS (oh jees!),enthusiastic about all the little DIY components we get to do ourselves, seeing all our guests in their fancy outfits and then the rest, but thinking about it every day….well I simply don’t have time for that, moreover I don’t have time to collate these thoughts and put them together in a meaningful way.

That said, on Saturday someone asked how long it was until the big day and I had to check the calendar to work it out. Turns out it is only 10 weeks. ONLY, 10 weeks, until I get married. Bloomin’ eck where has the time went – it seems like it wasn’t that long ago I was saying we had plenty of time – turns out I’ve said that for too long and so now it really is time to get the finger out – so be prepared, we have a lot to get through before the big day arrives!!

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