Any other short haired brides?


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Well, as some of you know – a few weeks past, I finally caved and got a fringe. The fad lasted all of five minutes and now, well now I am in the process of growing it out.

With 4 months to the wedding and at the rate my hair grows, it is not looking likely that it will be gone in time. So I am now on the hunt for some short haired brides in which to seek inspiration. Below are a few of my favourites – do let me know if you come across any others – I need your help!


lillian and leonard short hair

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gary bonar short hair

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short hair brides

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I have done this style for my client and it proved to be very nice:)


Ooooh they are all so glam! I’m loving the short i-do-hair-dos. Are you going to wear a glitzy clip on the big day, think that would be fab xx

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