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It suddenly dawned on me that our wedding really isn’t THAT far away. We get married in October this year and whilst that may be some months away, I’m not quite sure that we are where we should be in terms of wedding planning.

So far we have the following booked;

Which seems very short when I look at all those wedding checklists in magazines! Argh – pressure already. Calm. Must remain calm, plenty of time. So what else needs booked or bought for our wedding?

  • Accessories – with so many fantastic suppliers, how is a girl to chose between shoes, THE head piece, those bouquets
  • Hair and make up. Not normally one for wearing or styling my do that much, but every girl wants to look like a princess on her big day (even me!)
  • Groom’s outfit. A highlander, the groom shall definately be donning a kilt. To hire or buy is the big question – maybe need to see about winning the lottery in 2011!
  • Bridesmaid and best man outfits and everything else required for our nearest and dearest
  • Wedding stationery and decorations. I have seen so many wonderful ideas and thought of so many things I would love to incorporate in our big day – but now, I we need to chose exactly what we want
  • Drink, drink and more drink. To buy in, or use what is on offer at the venue
  • A florist. I have spoken about this before and then done nothing. This really should get bumped up the list I expect
  • Wedding rings – aaaargh. I have an emerald cut engagement ring, will I need to have a ring made? Not sure how we budget for this!
  • Videographer, very unsure about this. Better to have and never watch though than not get and regret it
  • Honeymoon

And now I am off to have a bath and read a book in the hope that I don’t have a panic attack having read that MASSIVE to do list.  Gee whizz.

Any recommendations of suppliers who can help out in the Glasgow area, then please send them my way!!

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